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For this setting, any character that has been a part of the 108 Stars of Destiny is a possible NPC. Here you can find information about the past Tenkai Star and other important recurring characters.

Born SY 30-60
Death Still Lives
True Rune Back half of the Gate Rune
About Known as the "Keeper of Balance," Leknaat is an enigmatic figure who is the keeper of the gates between worlds. The one who watches the great scales of Fate. Usually, she appears to the hero, advising him on the nature of the runes, fate, and the Stars of Destiny. She is not a Star of Destiny herself but she does bear the back half of the Gate Rune since the Gate Rune Village Massacre.
Born SY ???
Death Still Lives
True Rune None
About Her life is shrouded in mystery, no one knows where she comes from or how old she is and those who have tried investigating her simply drop their investigations. She has somehow served as the beautiful and powerful runemistress for every rebellion in Suiko, even able to affix some runes against their will.
Born Its 'difficult to determine as she jumps through space and time. Possibly from the either the Western or Eastern continents.
Death Last Seen on SY 475, Likely Alive
True Rune None
About She is the somewhat scatterbrained and ditzy teleportress. On the headquarters she sets up a teleportation service that allows characters to be go anywhere they've been before with ease; however, her services are not without the occasional slip-up. Throughout most of history she seems to accidentally arrive at the sites of conflict unable to return home, usually after sneezing.

On her 16th birthday she arrived in the middle of the Gate Rune Wars by accident, since then she has not been succesful in returning home. In her possession is the Blinking Mirror which allows the bearer to blink back across another mirror in the headquarters. She has teleported across Suiko but may in fact be able to teleport to other dimensions as shes done once before where she was met with a younger more mature version of herself that may or may not be her.

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