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Myriad Knight[edit]

Fighter subclass Myriad Knights are very scarce among adventurers and fighters alike, often seen wandering alone because they can operate independently. They use their mysterious innate myriadic powers to summon copies of themselves seemingly out of nowhere. People who fight these Knights describe having felt as though they were fighting an army all at once with no escape. While these fighters are few and far between, they are known for their extreme combat efficiency and agility.

Ohh? You thought you were only fighting me? What a silly misconception.

At the 3rd level, you may cast Mirror Image as an action. Duplicates made by this ability resemble translucent silhouettes of you that do not speak, enemies will not mistake them for you. Casting it this way does not count as casting a spell in regards to effects or provoking reactions. In addition, during your turn, you may spend a bonus action to command the silhouettes to move however you would like them to as opposed to copying your actions. You may only have a maximum of four silhouettes at a time. You may use this ability three times per short or long rest.

Silhouette Swap

At the 3rd level, whenever a creature would hit you with a melee or ranged attack and one of your silhouettes are within 40ft of you, you may use your reaction to switch places with one of the silhouettes in range, having them take the blow instead. Switching this way counts as nonmagical teleportation, and does not provoke opportunity attacks. You may use this ability three times before needing to take a short or long rest.

Silhouette Strike

At the 7th level, Silhouette Swap can be used as a bonus action during your turn. In addition, it may also be triggered as a reaction when an attack is made against a silhouette. If you swap places with a silhouette this way and the attack roll would miss you, you may make an attack without using an action.


At the 10th level, your Silhouettes become duplicates that perfectly resemble anyone of your choice, making it far easier for them to be mistaken for them despite not passing physical inspection. In addition, you may use a bonus action to swap senses with a duplicate within 120ft of you. Until you dismiss the effect with a bonus action, you can see, hear, talk, and act through the silhouette. If it steps out of range, the effect ends prematurely.


At the 15th level, you can have a maximum of six silhouettes at once. In addition, your silhouettes now disappear after one hour.


At the 18th level, once per long rest, you may spend an action to turn your clones into myriads. When this happens, your eyes glow a color related to your character, with each silhouette's eyes glowing a different color. The silhouettes become tangible, having identical stats to you after having finished a long rest, except unable to use this ability or create their own silhouettes. They roll separate initiatives and function as an efficient team, which the player is considered a part of with telepathic communication. They can be easily differentiated by their unique color of glowing eyes. The player controls the myriads during their turns, and they revert back to silhouettes after a minute (10 combat rounds).

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