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Mug [Skill]

You are able to preform a slight of hand action while attacking.
Prerequisite: Dex 15, Sleight of Hand (8 Ranks), Deft Hands
Benefit: This feat allows one to make a free "slight of hand" action while attacking, so as long as it is the same opponent and with in arms reach. This feat must be stated before an attack is made and as long as both the attack and action are both made on the same opponent. for example: Locke decided to use the Mug Feat on a beast. The attack roll must succeed before the slight of hand action can be made. Following the attack roll and before the damage, make a DC check for the attempt. This feat requires to be preformed in such a way because both actions are made at the same time. Weither or not the slight of hand action succeeded or not the attack is still treated as a normal attack.
Normal: N/A
Special: N/A

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