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So, you want to run like the wind? Run up walls? Run across walls? Run downwalls? Well read this, because after this every surface is your track.

THE IDEA The character should be able to run as fast as possible in one turn. This is a build that works at level 5, and requires multiclassing.

REQUIRED ITEMS Not that you will need any items except a pinch of dirt. But I will list what spells and abilities you should have.

Race: Variant human, unless your DM allows a feat during character creation. Then just pick a high Strength and Dexterity race (edit) use tabaxi if you intend to use this and then stop moving

Class: any spellcaster that can take longstrider and zephyr strike, I've done it with ranger, but I'm sure there's another class that can cast these. Also, two levels in rogue. This is required.

Spells: Longstrider and Zephyr Strike.

Abilities to be proficient in: Athletics and Acrobatics, for that sweet sweet wall run.

Feats: Mobile

EXECUTION Cast longstrider, preferably before the fight so you can still get an attack in round one. As soon as the fight starts, cast zephyr strike. In round two, use zephyr strike's ability to give an attack with advantage, this starts the combo. Do an attack, doesn't matter if you hit or miss, you now have an additional 30 feet of moving. Dash as a bonus action and you can go 160 feet right now if you have not moved yet.

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