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Orc Race Variant[edit]

A bunch of roughhousing and fun-loving hulks, the mountain orcs are a strange bunch of very amicable orcs. Unlike their nastier cousins, living on their mountains has yielded a culture more based on agriculture than conquest, due to the strange fertility of their surrounding peaks. In their free time, they like to wrestle in a sumo-like fashion with grappling. However, they are still every bit as aggressive and eager as the typical orc in combat.

This race variant replaces the Primal Intuition Trait.

  • Musclebound. You are proficient in the Athletics skill. Whenever you make a Strength (Athletics) check related to grappling, you add double your proficiency bonus to the check, instead of your normal proficiency bonus.

Racial Feat: Rush Slammer[edit]

Prerequisites: mountain orc race variant
When you use your Aggressive trait, you may try to grapple a creature that is large or smaller in your path as part of the bonus action. Make an Athletics contest with the creature. If you succeed, you crash into the creature. Both you and the creature are knocked prone. The creature is also grappled and takes bludgeoning damage equal to your level + your Strength modifier. On a failed contest you miss and land prone 10 feet past the creature.

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