More than a Nightmare (4e Power)

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More than a Nightmare Tsuku-Master Utility 16
With the powers of the spirit world behind your back, you willingly summon the most terrifying form you can imagine to temporarily manifests itself around you or an ally.
Daily Star.gif Divine
Standard Action Ranged 5
Prerequisite: You or the target ally must be trained in intimidate.
Target: You or one ally.
Effect: The target gets a +10 bonus on their next intimidate roll.
Special: If the target rolls a 19 or 20 on its intimidate check after this power was used, then it briefly takes on an extremely frightening, otherworldly appearance and voice, which causes all creatures within 5 spaces of the target who did not successfully save against its intimidate check to get a -5 penalty to all skill checks they make until the end of their next turn.

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