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High Elf Variant[edit]

Moon elves are specific to the high elf subrace. They are known to be specially chosen members of the race by Sehanine Moonbow, the elven goddess of dreams. These moon elves are marked physically with paler-than-usual skin, sometimes with a bluish tint. Their eyes are known to be a silvery azure.

Because they spend most of their time outside under the light of the moon, their skin color is typically pale, sometimes with a blueish tint. Their hair colors are often black, blue, silver, or white. Their eyes can be green, blue, or grey.

This subrace variant forgoes the high elf elf weapon training trait for the moon-touched trait.

Moon-Touched. You can call upon the eye of accuracy granted by Moonbow. As a bonus action, your eyes glimmer with moonlight and you gain advantage on attack rolls using ranged weapons for 1 minute. You cannot use this trait again until you spend at least 1 hour of a short or long rest in moonlight.

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