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Moon Domain[edit]

Cleric Subclass

The moon is a constant in the sky, it is always there, yet always changing. It is resilient and radiant, it waxes and wanes constantly, it is always changing, yet stays constant. This Domain will help you guide you allies to victory.

Domain Spells

1st - sanctuary, guiding bolt

3rd - alter self, moonbeam

5th - counterspell, spirit guardians

7th - aura of purity, resilient sphere

9th - antilife shell, dream

Moon’s Blessing At the first level, the light of the moon flows through you, you gain the Light cantrip, if you don't already know it, as well, you gain 30ft of darkvision.

Moon Flare At the first level, you may call upon the moons power to cause change. When you are being targeted by a weapon attack, you may force them to make a Wisdom save, on a fail, they must pick a different target, or lose the attack. You may use this feature a number of times equal to your wisdom modifier(minimum of once) you regain all uses on a long rest.

Channel divinity: Moons Sanctuary At second level, you can let the protective force of the moon flow through you. An aura of safety springs up around you. When you take this action, all allies within 30ft of you gain temporary hit points equal to your cleric level+wisdom modifier. As well, you can use your action to release a wave of protective force imposing disadvantage on all attacks made by your enemies within 30ft. This aura lasts for a minute and can be dismissed early as a free action on your turn.

Night's Resilience At sixth level you wax and wane with the moon, you gain proficiency in Constitution saving throws and one other saving throw of your choice, but you lose proficiency in one of your saving throws. At the end of any long rest you may change the saving throw to a different saving throw.

Guiding Light The moon is a leader, it brings the tides each and every night, silently guiding them along, you can guide your allies as well. When you reach 8th level you learn guidance or resistance, you can cast one of these spells as a bonus action with the following changes there are no verbal components, the die is a d6, and it has a range of 10ft.

Avatar of the Moon At 17th level, you may channel the full powers of the moon. You make become the moon's avatar for up to a minute. It may be dismissed at anytime with no action, and you gain the following benefits:

You gain a flying(hover) speed equal to your walking speed

You gain the benefits of the sanctuary spell for the full duration of this transformation

You have darkvision up to 120ft, and true sight up to 30ft.

You glow dim light up to 45ft

You can launch a ball of concentrated moonlight, when you take the attack action you can make a ranged spell attack using wisdom, to deal 2d10+wis radiant damage.

When you use this ability, you cannot use it again until you complete a long rest.

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