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Monster Manual By Geography


Korad compromise the northen lands, it's flora and fauna is more or less equivalent to europe. The majority or plants and animals are quasi-sentient or sentient, and are very dangerous. Predeators and prey are strong enought to give civilised hunters a fair fight for their lives if they use all their dirty tricks. DM should remember that settlements exterminated by random and unkown causes are common in Korad.

  • ===Plants and Animals===
  • Monster Manual I
arrowhawk, assassin vine, Barghest
Dinosaurs, common on the mainland, They dislike the isles.
Dire and Fiendish Animals
Fungus, pleny,
Ozoo, in every shallow, in every swamp and everyplace where anything rott or floats.
Purple Worms, appear when lesser monsters are exterminated in an area.
Remorhaz., lives only in the land of Kraken.
Terrasque, wakes up when someone build a city or settlement nearbye.
Nightmare,common beasts.
Carnivorous Treants
Winter Wolf
  • ===Monster Manual II===
Chaos Rock
dinosaurs, all accepted.
dire animals all accepted,
Losts of Titanic creatures are common
Frost Salamanders
Flesh Jelly
Grizzly Mastodon
Twig Blight
Nightmare beasts
Razor boar
  • '===Demons and Devils==='
Demons, and Devils they watch and wait under the earth, below the most
holy cities they dwell in their subterranean realms
villagers and mad wanderes have been transformed in secret to Devils.
created from burried and abandoned cities from unspeakable
and lost civilisations.
  • Monster Manual I
all demons and devils in this book are valid.
  • Monster Manual II
all demons in this book are ok
  • ==='Undeads'===
  • Monster Manual I
Chaos beasts, can dwell in any farm or any caves.
Bodhaks in the catacombs under the holy cities, they have appeared from the many unburried
corpses that the catacombs are constructed from.
  • Ghouls, are generated naturally from the fumes of the forests
  • Monster Manual II
famine spirit
  • ===Entities===
  • Monster Manual I
  • Insectoid Dryad and Nymphs
  • Nightshade
  • Nightwalker, generated by the ecosystem as a defence mechanicism,
  • Monster Manual II
Etherial Slayer
  • Aberration
  • Monster Manual I
  • Gibbering Mouther
  • Monster Manual II
  • Monster Manual III
  • Monster Manual III
  • Monster Manual IV
  • 'Monster Manual V

The East[edit]

Eastern Teoryran, is very tropical and combine fauna and flora from asia and south america. It's much the same deal as in Korad.

  • Plants
  • Animals

Death Jungles[edit]

  • Couatl

Worshipped by the Lizardmen who see them as messangers of the Sarruks.

The Sea[edit]

Except for specific routes
the waters are not possible to travel on for humans.
The Rogue union of City states and certain pirate and merchants seems are not affected by this,
and can travel through the most monster infested waters.

  • Kraken

The Death Deserts=[edit]

  • Monster Manual I
  • Monster Manual II


The Underdark[edit]

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