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Monodrone [Racial]

At some point you were a spherical monodrone, and have chosen to retain their small stature.
Prerequisite: Modron, Dexterity 13
Benefit: Your size becomes small. You have all the associated limitations on wielding weapons. Your speed becomes 5. You gain a flight speed of 5 with the following caveats.
  • Clumsy Flying: You take a -4 penalty to attack rolls and defense rolls while flying.
  • Hover: You can shift and make opportunity attacks while flying. You remain flying even if you do not move the minimum distance normally needed to remain aloft. You stay in the air even if you take no move actions to fly.
  • Altitude Limit: You can't fly higher than 1 square off the ground. If you fly higher than this, you crash at the end of your turn.

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