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This priest belongs to an order devoted in large part to the study of fighting styles, especially barehanded martial arts. These monks live and study in monasteries devoted to their orders. If, for example, they are priests of the god of War, these monks do not live and study in ordinary temples of that god; they have their own secluded monastery away from the normal tunnels.


  • Races*: No Special Limitations (No Required Race
  • Alignment*: Varies with Deity
  • Dexterity*: 12
  • Hit Point Dice*: d8

Secondary Skill: Choose from list or roll for random skill.

Weapon Proficiencies: Required: See under "Special Benefits" below. Otherwise, the priest may take any weapon proficiencies which his specific priest class allows him; he may not take any the class does not allow him.

Non-Weapon Proficiencies: Bonus Proficiency: Tumbling. Recommended: Riding (Land-based), Artistic Ability (Any), Dancing, Reading/Writing, Religion.

Equipment: See "Special Hindrances" below.

Proficiency Gain[edit]

Weapon: 2, more every 4 levels. Also 2 free slots used for Specialization in one of the Unarmed Techniques (Punching, Wrestling, and Martial Arts). Non-weapon: 4, more every 3 levels.

Bonus Non-weapon Proficiencies: Tumbling

Special Benefits[edit]

The monk gets two free Weapon Proficiency slots to take Specialization in one of the Unarmed Techniques: Punching, Martial Arts, and Wrestling. The Fighting-Monk is the only class that can specialize in an Unarmed Technique. He can specialize in any or all three of the styles, but he may only specialize in one of them at a time. As a second benefit, a monk can choose from any Non-Weapon Proficiency group. No proficiency he takes will cost double the usual number of slots. The final benefit of the monk is that they don't need to spend all of their Weapon Proficiency slots at first level. They can save them up for later levels when they desire to gain a new proficiency at the rate of one proficiency per experience level to improve his martial arts or train new styles.

Special Hindrances[edit]

Monks cannot use armor or shields. They can use weapons granted by their deity (DM's discretion) and those allowed by their class. They can only own what they can carry on their back. Monks must also give up some of their Spheres of Influence. They may have no more than 3 Major Accesses and 2 Minor Accesses.


Monks gets the usual 3d6x10 gp.

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