Mjolnir's Divine Conformity (3.5e Feat)

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Mjolnir's Divine Conformity [Divine]

As a holy representative of Thor you may take this feat which allows you to exchange one daily Undead Turning attempt into a thrown weapon recall while using a magical or mundane hammer.
Prerequisite: Weapon Focus (hammer or warhammer); Turn Undead
Benefit: You must brandish the holy symbol of Thor in one hand (in a similar posture to an undead turning attempt) and throw the hammer, with the other hand, at a chosen enemy within range (normal thrown distance limitations and range increment penalties apply on the attack)

The hammer, whether it hits or misses the intended target, then flies directly back to you in a straight line. You must make a successful catch (dexterity check DC 10.) On a successful check you catch the hammer and may use it as normal in the next round. The throw and catch is a full attack action and you can perform no other attack in the round.

On a failed catch check the hammer continues in a straight line past you for one range increment (20’ for light hammer, 10’ for Warhammer). If this line intersects with a square occupied by another creature the hammer may hit them, you roll an attack with all the bonuses and penalties applied to the original attack and if the attack roll is high enough to hit that creature’s AC then a normal hit with all applicable damage bonuses or penalties applies. The hammer then falls to the ground.
Normal: Normally a thrown weapon falls to the ground at or near the target of the throw

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