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Mirror Maze
Evocation [Force]
Spellcraft DC: 69
Components: V, S, M, XP
Casting time: 1~6 Turns, depending on how long the caster wishes to channel the spell.
Range: 100*channel duration(rounds)/2 (rounded down) diameter
Effect, or Area: All living beings within the range
Duration: 30*channeled rounds minutes up to a max of 3 hours
Saving Throw: Escape artist(escaped maze), Will(resist blindness)
Spell Resistance: No
To Develop: 2,500 XP

During the channel, the caster sets the diamond down on the ground, holds the vial in his/her/it's hand, and starts chanting. Immediately, the vial and diamond starts glowing, and a rune circle appears on the ground. Upon actual activation of said spell, the caster shouts in a voice not their own, "Thus I invoke the power of Rynhart, the legendary illusionist!" When the caster finishes the statement, the caster throws the vial on the ground and a maze immediately starts forming. At this point all enemies can attempt a very difficult escape artist check to get out of the growing maze. All living entities trapped in the maze area are randomly teleported throughout the maze, so it is possible a player may be teleported right next to a Beholder without the player ever knowing its existence(don't actually do this DMs-your players will hate you forever), and all nonliving entities in the way of the maze generation are temporarily ignored. The caster's allies see all walls as if they were made of Force(how I saw it was purple semi-transparent walls), know every last bit of the maze, and can freely enter and exit the maze at will. All neutral and hostile creatures see every wall as a mirror and must make a will check every turn to avoid dazed status. All neutrals and hostiles cannot teleport out, and all spell canceling effects are ignored. The caster can dispel the maze whenever he/she/it wishes.

METAGAMING: Theoretically, anyone who has access to Disentigrate can break their way out of the maze, however, if person is an ally, there is no need to do so as they can freely exit, and if it is an enemy, they have no idea which way to go and there is almost no way the entity had enough Disentigrate spells to make their way out. The spell was designed so that if the players run into unfavorable terrain, the mage of their party can throw the maze down and proceed to annihilate all enemies by various back attacks, sneaky spells, and more.

Material Component: Diamond(5,000g), Quicksilver Vial(2,500g)

XP Cost: 2,500 XP

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