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Minor Wall
Level: Barrier Mage 0
Casting time: 1 Standard Action
Range: 15ft +5ft/caster level
Area: 5ft by 10ft wall
Duration: 1 day/lvl or until dispelled or destroyed
Saving Throw: None

The Minor Wall acts as a shield to protect yourself and allies from oncoming attacks. A Transparent, glass like wall, it can be used with the barrier mages immediate defense to cast as an immediate action but only before an enemy makes their attack roll, providing total cover along the face of the wall (The total cover does not affect line of sight for non-physical attacks. The attack is then redirected at the wall, using the wall's AC against the incoming attack. It cannot protect against non-physical attacks.

An active wall spell will act as cover in regards to corners for any attacking creature. An attack that missed by 4 or less strikes the wall instead, dealing damage to it normally. (Example: A wall is placed as an immediate action stopping the first attack out of 3 for a full attack, and the wall remains standing. The attacker then takes a 5 foot step and continues attacking, the defender is granted cover by the wall's corner.)

Barrier HP 10 Hardness 0 AC 10+1/caster level

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