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Mind Slayer[edit]

The mind slayers are known as outcasts to society, shunned by 'civil folk', living solitary lives in the hills. They endure cruelty, distrust, and bias wherever they go. Despite this, they have been known to rise up as great heroes in times of need, aiding their oppressors out of the goodness of their heart, and the will of their minds. They have also risen as great evils, threatening the very fabric of the world as it is known. Their psychic powers are near unrivaled in the world of the living.

Mind Slayers[edit]

Masters of Psychic energy, these beings wander the planes, seeking knowledge. Their minds are of a higher plane, and they believe that thought and reason is the true language of the universe.

Creating a Mind Slayer[edit]

Mind Slayers must endure great sacrifices to reach their full potential, and are often hollowed out before they begin. What event has made your Mind Slayer such a receptacle for this power?

Quick Build

You can make a Mind Slayer quickly by following these suggestions. First, Intelligence should be your highest ability score, followed by Constitution, then Strength. Second, choose the Haunted One background. Third, choose the skills persuasion, stealth, and perception. Fourth, choose the net and trident, the studded leather armor, and the short bow.

Class Features

As a Mind Slayer you gain the following class features.

Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d8 per Mind Slayer level
Hit Points at 1st Level: 8 + Constitution modifier
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d8 (or 5) + Constitution modifier per Mind Slayer level after 1st


Armor: light
Weapons: simple, martial
Saving Throws: Intelligence, Charisma
Skills: choose 3 skills from deception, intimidation, persuasion, stealth, perception, and investigation.


You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:

  • (a) quarterstaff or (b) net and trident or (c) spear
  • (a) leather armor or (b) studded leather armor
  • (a) hand crossbow and 20 crossbow bolts or (b) short bow and 20 arrows
  • (a) scholar's pack or (b) diplomat's pack
  • If you are using starting wealth, you have 3d4 x 10 in funds.

Table: The Mind Slayer

Level Proficiency
Psionic prowess (only for power link) Features
1st +2 0 Hollow receptacle, Psionic amplificance
2nd +2 0 Mind shock
3rd +2 int. mod+1 Psychic link, Psionic amplificance die +1
4th +2 int. mod+3 Ability Score Improvement
5th +3 int. mod+6 Psychic dominion
6th +3 int. mod+10 Subclass feature
7th +3 int. mod+14 Psionic blast, Mind shock (sleep)
8th +3 int. mod+18 Ability Score Improvement, Psionic amplificance die +1
9th +4 int. mod+23 Mental Fortitude
10th +4 int. mod+27 Clear mind, Subclass feature
11th +4 int. mod+35 Mind to Body, Psionic amplificance die +1
12th +4 int. mod+41 Ability Score Improvement, Psychic increase
13th +5 int. mod+47 Mindless frenzy
14th +5 int. mod+52 Subclass feature, Dominate crowd
15th +5 int. mod+58 Pure of mind
16th +5 int. mod+65 Ability Score Improvement, Psionic amplificance die +1
17th +6 int. mod+72 Psychopath
18th +6 int. mod+80 Consume mind, Subclass feature
19th +6 int. mod+88 Ability Score Improvement, Ps
20th +6 int. mod+100 Intellectual empowerment, Psionic amplificance die +2

Hollow Receptacle[edit]

You begin a dark a dreadful path, that those without your trauma could never fully achieve. You have seen terrors that few could dream of, and have no fear of pain. Starting at 1st level, you have advantage on checks against intimidation, madness, and psychic attacks. Additionally, your intelligence score cap increases by 4.

Psionic Amplificance[edit]

Even at the start of your journey, you have mastery over your own mind. As an action, you may strike out with your mind to a target in view. They must do a intelligence saving throw or take 1d6 psychic damage or half on success, which increases to 2d6 at level 5, 3d6 at level 8, 4d6 at level 10, 5d6 at level 16, and 7d6 at level 20. add your intelligence modifier to the damage. you may use this feature a number of times equal to your intelligence modifier. You also have advantage on checks against any effect that affects the mind, and if an enemy fails to delve into your mind, you may, as a reaction, reflect the force of their strike back upon them, dealing psychic damage equal to the attack's save DC. Your save dc is your intelligence score.

Mind Shock[edit]

At second level, your immersion into your mind has awakened new parts of your brain. You can now affect the minds of others. As an action, you may touch an enemy, delivering a powerful shock to their mind. If you roll higher than their intelligence score, you can choose to apply fear, madness, or after 7th level, sleep.

Psychic Link[edit]

At 3rd level, you choose a Psychic Link, breaching a barrier between your mind and that of others. Choose between the links of Chaos, Fortitude, or Power, all detailed at the end of the class description. Your choice grants you features at 3rd level and again at your 6th, 10th, 14th, and 18th levels as a Mind Slayer.

Ability Score Improvement[edit]

When you reach 4th level, and again at 8th, 12th, 16th and 19th level, you can increase one ability score of your choice by 2, or you can increase two ability scores of your choice by 1. As normal, you can't increase an ability score above 20 using this feature.

Psychic Dominion[edit]

Your psychic power has risen to such extent that your dominion over other's minds can now affect their every decision. At level 5 on your turn, you may expend an action to attempt to seize control of another being within 50 feet of you. If your d20 roll plus your charisma is greater than the challenge rating of the target (or player level) plus their intelligence, then they fall under your control until you lose concentration. This effect can also end early if the target takes damage higher than your intelligence modifier, or if they they exceed a distance of 100 feet from you. You may control them on their turn as if they were your character, however you cannot force them to do anything that is effectively suicide.

Psionic blast[edit]

At 7th level, your mind becomes elevated to the point where you can begin to affect the world around you. On your turn, you can expend an action to blast your surroundings with psychic energy. Any enemy within 15 feet of you takes 2d10 psychic damage and is knocked back, 15 ft for a small creature, 10 for medium, and 5 for large (any enemies larger than large are not knocked back but still take damage). Enemies take 1/2 damage if they can pass an intelligence save, with a DC of your intelligence score. Knocked back enemies fall prone. Your intelligence and intelligence score cap both increase by 2. The damage increases to 3d10 at level 14.

Mental fortitude[edit]

Upon reaching level 9, your mind's power strengthens, and your intelligence is near unrivaled. You gain resistance to Psychic damage, and you add 2 to your intelligence score. If you already have resistance, gain immunity. If you have immunity, gain absorption, which means you regain half the damage hp.

Clear mind[edit]

Your mind is now above worldly worries. At level 10 you have advantage on checks against losing concentration, and may use your intelligence score instead of wisdom and charisma.

Mind to body[edit]

Your Intelligence is so supreme, that it begins to alter you and your place in the world. At level 11, you grow tentacles in one part of your body, at your discretion. These can be used as an extra hand. In addition, you may now add your intelligence bonus to your AC. You also emit an aura of intelligence, visible only with true sight. Any ally in this aura gains a temporary +1 to their intelligence score at the start of their turn, removed when they start their turn outside of the aura. This aura lasts one minute, and you regain this in a long rest

Psychic increase[edit]

At level 12, you can now make psionic amplification attacks equal to your intelligence bonus divided by 2.

Mindless Frenzy[edit]

At level 13, you gain advantage on checks to seize control of other beings, and gain advantage on saves against such attacks against you, along with inflicting disadvantage on those attempting to seize control over you. Such power comes with a cost, however, but not an uncontrollable one. Not to you anyways. On a turn, you can shatter the mind of any being you are controlling to inflict madness and force them into a rage for 1 minute, in which they lose all spell concentration, but receive doubled movement speed, a +1 AC bonus, and can add both their intelligence and strength modifiers to attacks. They remain an ally, but you lose direct control over them. When the rage ends, they are no longer under your control and you have disadvantage on any attempts to control them.

Dominate Crowd[edit]

At level 14, you can dominate a crowd of targets. You may order as many creatures as you wish within the range of your psychic dominion to do one task, operating identical to Psychic dominion. Creatures must make a save against this ability, just like Psychic dominion. On a failed save they must obey your individual command, and also take 6d10 psychic damage, which increases to 8d10 at 18th level. On a successful save, targets take half damage and are immune to your dominion for 10 minutes.

Pure of mind[edit]

At level 15, your mind has transcended above such matters of the mortal world. You gain +4 intelligence, and your intelligence score cap increases by 4.


Your mind knows truths that should not be known, and has become shattered. On your turn, you may release yourself and enter a Psychorage, becoming resistant to all damage EXCEPT bludgeoning, slashing, and piercing. When in this state, you receive doubled move speed and advantage on all attack rolls. You may substitute any strength rolls for intelligence, and have advantage on all saves. This effect lasts for 1 minute, or until you drop to 0 hit points. You regain this feature in a short rest.

Consume mind[edit]

Your mind seeks infinite knowledge through... questionable means. While in the psychopath state, you may take a bonus action to devour the mind of another being under your control, inflicting madness and dealing 10d10 psychic damage. If you kill your target, you gain a temporary intelligence score bonus of +2, lasting for rounds equal to the creatures cr. To do this, the target must have a lower intelligence than you, and fail a intelligence save equal to your intelligence.

Intellectual empowerment[edit]

Your mind has achieved its full potential, and can wreak havoc on not only other beings but its environment as well. At 20th level, you may, as an action, warp space around you. This space is considered difficult terrain for any enemy. Any allies can move freely in the warped space, and gain advantage on strength and dexterity checks and saves. Any enemy that starts their turn in the warped space takes 2d20 bludgeoning damage. This effect lasts for 1 minute. Your intelligence score increases by 4, and your Intelligence score cap increases by 4.

Chaos Link[edit]

Mind slayers who build a chaos link specialize in wreaking havoc in the minds of others and the world around them. Feared far and wide, they can control multiple beings, having an increased ability to control them. They also learn sloght magic. If you specialize in this link and do not have a chaotic alignment, you will slowly shift towards one, progressing one step closer to chaotic at 6th level, and again at 14th level.


At 3rd level, your chaotic roots take hold. Your Psionic amplificance damage increases by 1 per die rolled

Iron will

At 6th level, your mind has an iron will. You can control up to 2 other beings at once, only needing to focus on the second.

Break will

At 10th level, it becomes easier to break another creature's will. You have advantage on checks to gain control of another being, and to inflict madness. Also, when you lose control of a being, there is a 50% chance that their minds will shatter, inflicting madness. If you touch any being with madness, you can remove it if you wish to do so.

Foreign knowledge

At 14th level, your mind seeks diversity. You may learn 3 cantrips, 3 1st level spells (2 slots), 3 second level spells (2 slots), 2 third level spells (1 slot), and 1 fourth level spell (1 slot).

Crowd control

At 18th level, you complete your journey towards true chaos, and can control up to 3 other beings at once, only needing to focus on the third. You may now also learn 1 fifth level spell (1 slot), and you gain 1 1st level slot, 1 second level slot, and 1 third level slot.

Fortitude Link[edit]

Defenders of keeps, impenetrable tentacle-covered slabs of psychic meat, Mind slayers that build a link of fortitude become incredibly hard to kill, and are renowned for their durability and physical prowess. They forgo physical barriers and use their mind to boost their bodies. If you specialize in this link and do not have a lawful alignment, you will slowly shift towards one, progressing one step closer to lawful at 6th level, and again at 14th level.

Meat slab

At 3rd level, you can use your intelligence bonus whenever constitution would be used (not including hit points)

Steel skin

At 6th level, your skin is reinforced by your mind, and you cannot lose limbs, and you cannot sustain wounds that stop you from healing


At 10th level, the being you control gains your resistances, and you gain their's, until such time that the connection is severed.


At 14th level, your mind can take the pain of others and reduce it. When any being within 20 ft of you takes damage, you can use your reaction to take half of it minus your intelligence modifier, ignoring your resistances.


At 18th level, if an ally within 20 feet of you takes damage, but the attack would miss you, you may use your reaction to halve the damage they take. Also if an attack would kill an ally within 20 feet of you, you may use your reaction to take the full force of the damage minus your intelligence modifier, and grant the initial target temporary hit points equal to half the original damage.

Power Link[edit]

Those who seek power are foretold of in prophecies, spoken of in legends, and feared by most, due to the cost of such power. These beings throw aside all concern, annihilating all that stands in their path.

Psionic Prowess

At 3rd level, you gain Psionic prowess points (PPP). These points can be consumed to channel your power, destroying your enemies. You regain 20% of your total points + your intelligence modifier after a short rest, and 50% of your total points + your intelligence modifier after a long rest. Your maximum points at any level is displayed in the table. You may expend one of these points to trigger Psychoboost. add 1d4 additional psychic damage to any attack by you or an ally, or expend one to reduce the damage that you or an ally takes by 1d4. You may only use this ability 3 times per turn. You can expend bonus points ( equal to double your level) to add a d4 per 4 points.

Psychotic break

At 6th level, you may expend 5 PPP to trigger a Psychotic break create a 20 foot diameter explosion, centered anywhere within 60 ft of you. All enemies in the area of effect take 2d6 psychic damage, taking only half if they succeed an intelligence save. They must also succeed on another intelligence save, or become affected by madness. If they fail the first check they have disadvantage on the second. You may only use this once per turn. The number of times you may use Psychoboost on a turn increases to your intelligence score bonus, or 4 (whichever is higher) at level 14. You can expend bonus points ( equal to double your level) increasing the damage by 1d6 per 6 points or by 10 feet in diameter.

Psionic ray

At 10th level, you may expend 10 PPP to trigger Psionic ray, and blast one enemy with 3d6 psychic energy. You must have a direct line of sight to your target, and they can be no further than 60 feet away from you. You may only use this feature once per turn. You can also add points (up to double your level) increasing the damage by 2d6 per 5 points.


At 14th level, you may learn any one divination spell of 5th level or lower, and may cast it twice per day, expending 15 points to do so. You regain any spent uses at midnight, and may change this spell at any town with suitable magic. You may only know one such spell at a time. You also gain the ability to read the mind of any being you are controlling, expending 5 points to do so. You may use this feature a maximum of 3 times per day, regaining any spent uses at midnight.

Don't mind me

At 18th level, you may expend 20 PPP to trigger Don't mind me and become undetectable by any intelligent being (Intelligence score of 6 or higher) for 1 minute. You may only be detected via true sight, certain divination, or other magic of those sorts. You may use this feature 5 times, regaining any spent uses at midnight.


To Multiclass into this class, you must have experienced madness.

Prerequisites. To qualify for multiclassing into the Mind Slayer class, you must meet these prerequisites: Intelligence 16

Proficiencies. When you multiclass into the Mind Slayer class, you gain the following proficiencies: 2 of the following: Intimidation, Persuasion, Deception, Stealth, Perception, or Investigation

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