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Rogue Archetype

Vagrant warriors who fight for gold, fame and glory, mercenaries wander the world, marching under different banners to win battles for their rich and powerful patrons. To survive in this career, they can't rely only on martial prowess, using cunning and tactics to keep themselves alive.

Martial Training

When you choose this archetype at 3rd level, you become proficient with shields, medium armor, and martial weapons.

In addition, over the course of a long rest, you can choose to practice with one weapon of your choice. Until the start of your next rest, you can apply Sneak Attack damage with the chosen weapon as though it had the finesse property.

Reputed Sellsword

Starting at 3rd level, you begin to build a reputation for yourself. Whenever you first meet a creature, that creature must make a DC 25 Intelligence History ability check, adding your class levels to the check, to see if it recall information about you.

On a success, you gain twice your proficiency bonus as a bonus to all Charisma ability checks made to interact with that creature.

Battle Veteran

Also at 3rd level, you can use battle tactics and experience in combat to exploit your opponents weaknesses. You can use your Cunning Action as a bonus action, to make an Intelligence History ability check, contested by your target's Charisma Deception ability check. If you win the contest, you have advantage on weapon attack rolls against that creature until the beginning of your next turn.

In addition, for the next minute or until you use this feature again, you can take the Help action as a bonus action to give your allies advantage on attacks against that creature.

Experienced Warrior

When you reach 9th level, your martial capabilities approach those of the most terrifying warriors.

If you haven't use your Sneak Attack feature on this turn, you can make two weapon attacks when you take the Attack action, instead of one. Once you use this feature, you can't use your Sneak Attack on this turn.

Masterful Negotiator

Mercenaries are merchants on their core, and you are a master of your trade. At 9th level, you have advantage on all Charisma ability checks made to bargain and haggle for prices, and on Wisdom Insight ability checks to determine if you are being lied to during a bargain.

Tactical Positioning

Starting at 13th level, you learn how to quickly search for the best position on the battlefield. You add your proficiency bonus to your Initiative rolls.

In addition, on the first round of combat, after initiative is rolled, but before the first turn is taken, you can take one action at initiative count 100. You cannot cast a spell or make an attack with this action.

Combat Exploits

At 17th level, you can take advantage of your opponents temporary distraction to make deadly strikes. You can use your Experienced Warrior feature and your Sneak Attack feature on the same turn.

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