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Roguish Archetype: Memorivore[edit]

The False Hydra. A being very few believe exist, and yet some have managed to master the psionic song that keeps them hidden. They bend the memories of those around them, making it seem like nothing is happening. But unbeknownst to them, they just witnessed a murder.

Memorivore Features[edit]


At 3rd level, when you pick this archetype, you gain the power to sing a mind-altering song that represses the memories of those around you. As an Action, you can cause all creatures within a 25 foot radius around you to not be able to interact with you, removing you from their perceived reality. This is simply an illusion however, and does not mean you are immune to being detected. You can be seen in mirrors, through Truesight or Detect Magic, by Fey creatures, or by feline creatures such as Cats or Tabaxi. However, if a creature were to detect you in any of these ways, their memories will be repressed and full of doubt. They will have an extremely difficult time believing what they saw was true, although the memories are not removed such as with modify memory. However, this can be negated as well. If the creature is Deafened or has taken Thunder damage in the last hour, they can see through this song entirely, and can interact with you. Once you use this feature, you cannot use it again until you finish a Long Rest.

Mind Flaying

Beginning at 3rd level, when you pick this archetype, you can slice the mind of a target, dumbing them down. Twice per day, you can imbue your weapon with psionic power, dealing an additional 1d4 Psychic damage and temporarily reducing the target's intelligence by -1. The stat reduction lasts for 1 minute, or until the target becomes incapacitated. You regain any uses of this feature upon completing a Long Rest.

Scion of Songs

Starting at 3rd level, when you pick this archetype, you can innately cast 2 cantrips from the bard spell list. intelligence is your Spellcasting ability.

Memory Feast

At 9th level, the psychic energies that imbue your blade can feed you. When you use the Mind Flaying feature, you regain 1 hit point and are filled with sustenance.

Bending the Truth

At 13th level, you gain the ability to bend what one perceives as truth. Once per day, if you fail a Persuasion or Deception check, you can roll again. However, if the roll is less than or equal to your original roll, you have to use the new roll. When you do this, the creature who you are persuading/deceiving takes 1d4 Psychic damage. Once you use this feature, you cannot use it again until you complete a long rest.

Telepathic Lullaby

At 17th level, you can telepathically command others that are affected by your song to do your bidding. Once per day, you can choose a creature within the range of your Hydrasong. This creature must make a wisdom save or be linked to you telepathically. The telepathy is one way, but you can feel a small sensation depending on their emotions toward what you say. The link stretches to a range of 150 feet, and if you give them a command through the link they must roll a intelligence saving throw. If they fail the save, they must obey the command. If they succeed, the link is deactivated. If the command has an obviously high chance to harm them (e.g. "Go jump out a window"), goes against their morals, or requires use of something special to them (e.g. an item of high emotional value), they automatically succeed the save. The link lasts until the creature is out of range, becomes Deafened, succeeds the intelligence save, or after 1 minute. If the creature somehow dies while linked, you gain a small amount of memories that held high emotional or physical importance to them, and regain 1d4 Hit Points.

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