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Variant Human, point buy stats Dex: 16, Con: 16, Cha: 13, Int: 10, Wis: 10, Str: 8. Warcaster bonus feat. Any background and skills; Urchin lets you take all the Dex skills and thieves' tools.

Level 1: Sorcerer, Draconic. Shield spell and others that don't depend on Cha.

Level 2: Fighter, Duelist.

Levels 3-5: Sorcerer. Dex +2 at level 5. Take spells like Darkvision, Invisibility, Mirror Image, and Misty Step.

Levels 6-7: Fighter, Eldritch Knight. Take Shield (so you can replace it as a Sorcerer spell at the next level), Find Familiar, and Absorb Elements if available.

Level 8: Sorcerer. Haste and Flight recommended.

Level 9-11: Fighter. +2 Dex at level 9, feats at levels 11, 16, and 20.

Levels 12-14: Rogue, Arcane Trickster. Disguise Self and Silent Image recommended.

Levels 15-20: Fighter.

AC: 13(Draconic)+5(Dex)+2(Shield)=20 plus the Shield Spell.

Eldritch Knight's spell selection isn't great, but the point is to get higher level slots which can be broken down into Sorcerer points and used for metamagic or lower level slots.

If Greenflame Blade and Booming Blade are available, take these at level 1, take Fighter at level 12 for War Magic followed by three levels of Rogue, and consider finishing with three more level of Rogue or Sorcerer since the usefulness of the third attack drops. Alternatively, take levels 3-6 as a Sorcerer and then Rogue for the rest, possibly including another level of Sorcerer around level 16.

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