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Medus is a plane created by the gorgon planeswalker Zayne Cadeek. Medus has 1 large landmass with multiple islands surrounding it. Medus's city's look like Ancient Greece architecture but with the influence and culture of Feudal Japan. Pyisos is the capital city of the plane where Zayne and the God's he created call home. Pyisos's borders on Achaea to the west and southwest, the Gulf of Pyisos and Attica to the north, the Saronic Gulf to the east, Argolis to the south and Arcadia to the southwest.

The Pyisoian Canal, carrying ship traffic between the Ionian and the Aegean seas, is about 4 km east of Pyisos.

The area around Pyisos and the western Saronic including the southeastern part are made up of fault lines including the Pyisos Fault, the Goheia Fault and a fault running from Perahcora to Agioi Theodoroi. More faults are near Kiras Vrysi and Sofiko.

The eastern coastlands of Pyisos are made up of pastures and farmlands where olives, grapes, tomatoes and vegetables are cultivated. The rest of Pyisos is mountainous. Its tallest mountain is Kyllini in its west and the largest lake is Lake Stymphalos, situated in the southwest. The reservoir will become one of the largest lakes after its completion.

The climate of Pyisos consists of hot summers and mild winters in the coastal areas and somewhat colder winters with occasional snowfalls in the mountainous areas.

Map of Medus

Gods on Medus[edit]

Medus Has 5 God's that the people worship and praise to besides the creator Zayne.

The White aligned God Kaara: The Goddesses of Life, Protection, and Laws.

Kaara Goddess of Life

The Red Aligned God Emhena: The Goddess of Fire, Passion, and Anger.

Emhena Goddess of Fire

The Blue Aligned God Goheia: The Goddess of the Sea, the Moon, and Beauty.

Goheia Goddess of the Sea

The Green Aligned God Vardia: The Goddess of the Forest, the Harvest, and Animals.

Vardia Goddess of the Forest

The Black Aligned God Etris: The Goddess of Death, Mischief, and Sickness.

Etris Goddess of Death

Magic on the Plane[edit]

Medus has 7 beings on the plane that can gather and store massive amounts of mana to use to help benefit the plane. The first and the strongest user able to store and use mana is the planes creator Zayne. Below him is his chosen that gathers mana for him while he away off plane, and below his chosen is the 5 Gods. Each God can only store 1 color of mana unlike Zayne and his chosen.

Plane Inhabitants[edit]

Medus main inhabitants are Gorgons and Moonfolk, although you can also find Humans, elves and Snake-folk (Humanoid snakes with 4 arms). Medus also consists of many wildlife consisting of deer, bears, birds, boars, goats, fish and the like. There are also large aggressive beats that live on the plane from hydras and dragons, to the sea where krakens, sea serpents and sharks dwell.


Medus has a well trained Military consisting of Solider, Mages, Clerics and unique to the plane Psionic Ninjas/Assassins. Each of the 5 gods also have a small military that they command and control, the gods also have 1 champion they have specially chosen to receive divine help from while in combat.

Medus soldiers:

Medus Soldier

Medus Mages:

Medus Mage

Medus Clerics:

Medus Cleric

Medus Psionic Ninjas:

Male Medus Psionic Ninja
Female Medus Psionic Ninja

Features of the Plane[edit]

Medus Consists of large islands some of them housing mostly dormant volcanoes. The large landmass is very mountainous and has many large forests with only a few large flat areas where farms and other city's are located.

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