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Material Wizard Utility 2
The primary use of this spell is to create raw material for crafting or construction projects, to create planks for bridging gaps, or boards for a makeshift barricade. Adventurous wizards will find inventive uses for this conjuration.
Daily Star.gif Arcane, Conjuration
Minor Action Close burst 1
Target: One empty square in the burst.
Effect: You create a cuboid of nonmagical raw material in the target square. The total size is 8 cubic feet, for example a cube with 2 ft. edges, but it cannot exceed the size of the square. It cannot be large enough to fully obstruct the square but may partition it or create cover.
The material may be your choice of wood, rock, earth, sand, water or air. The value of the material does not exceed 10 gp. Earth or sand immediately collapses into a pile; water falls and forms a puddle unless contained; air immediately disperses (in the form of a bubble if in a liquid). Wood and rock can be worked by a craftsperson.

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