Masters of Life and Death (Sarkaeon Sub-Pantheon)

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A sub pantheon among the gods of Sarkaea made up entirely of the gods who oversee certain aspects of life and death and are commanded by Akara, Goddess of Life and Khar, God of Death. Despite many of their members not being in the primary pantheon many Sarkaeons revere this pantheon as one of the most important.

The Pantheon's Members[edit]


The Goddess of Life, she is the one who oversees all those who handle aspects of life as well as creating new life and guiding those alive. She is also revered as the Goddess of Fertility.

Akara's Servants[edit]

Lady Maya[edit]

The goddess who oversee's the birth of life and reincarnation of those who have died guiding their souls to the next life. She is revered as the goddess of the paladins and the founder of their order. She has been known as a protector of the weak and helpless. Often called "The Protective God".


The goddess who see the growth of life guiding those who are young to the world and guiding their steps until they reach an age where they become independent of her. Often called "The Guiding God".

Valkyrie Brynhildr[edit]

The middle of three Valkyrie sisters. She oversees the life of heroes and warriors called the battle guardian. She also chooses warriors from among the fallen to serve her as Einherjar who will fight during the war at the end of the world most consider this a great honour. Many warriors pray to her before a battle to protect them and to choose them if the fall. Often called "The Choosing God".

Lord Smora[edit]

The final of Akara's servants. His duty is to watch over souls before their death. He also imposes upon himself the task of preparing the souls for death and soothing and comforting them in their end days. One of the few gods who appears on the Material Plane, he shows himself to those who are about to die and spends time with them before their death. He can only be seen by those who are about to die. Claims his biggest regret is not being able to spend time with everyone before their death to comfort them. Has been known to shed tears due to his duty. Often called "The Weeping God".


The god over death, he oversees all aspects of death and those who are given command over it's might. A merciful god he never takes the life of someone before they are due to die under any circumstances. He has a passionate loathing for necromancers, claiming they interfere with the natural flow of life and death.

Khar's Servants[edit]

Azrael, Archangel of Death[edit]

Often called the harbinger of death as it is his duty to take the souls from the bodies of those who have died. He shows a gentle guidance to all who die and escorts them to the next life to be judged. Works closely with Lord Smora. Often called "The Compassionate God".

Lord Skir[edit]

As much feared as revered of gods. He is often called the "Judge of Souls" due to his duty being to look upon all the good deeds and sins as soul has done in life and choose it's fate. Works closely with Lady Maya as some souls are passed over to be reincarnated. Often called "The Everknowing God".


The overseer of the underworld. His role is to make sure that all souls who have done grave misdeeds are punished and to ensure their continued punishment. Under his watch no soul has escaped from their torment even through necromancy despite frequent attempts. Torments people according to their gravest sin. Torments necromancers personally. Usama is his brother. Often called "The Avenging God".


The overseer of Arunth "The Heavenly Grave". Assigned to ensure that all souls are rewarded for good deeds in the previous life and to ensure they enjoy their afterlife before they are returned to the wheel of life. Known to unite split families in this life. No soul has been taken until it is returned to Lady Maya even through necromancy however it does often pose an annoyance. Ganok is his brother. Often called "The Rewarding God".

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