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Master of Humility [Exalted]

You can dodge spells more easily, and are less affected by fire and cold spells.
Prerequisite: Con 17 or higher, Character level 9, Acolyte of Humility.
Benefit: A character with this feat gains the Improved Evasion ability and can apply it to her Fortitude saving throws and gains resistance to fire and cold 15. A Ranger with this feat gains 2 extra hit points per level, the effect is retroactive. A Paladin with this feat gains a +2 sacred bonus on saving throws. This stacks with the bonus from Acolyte of Humility.
Special: You lose the benefits of this feat if you ever own more than what you can carry, and do not give 10% of your income to charity. Or if you own more than 6 magic items (this doesn’t include items with charges or one time items such as potions or scrolls)

Pre-requisite For

Avatar of Humility

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