Mass Flesh Fails (5e Spell)

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Note: this is a fanmade update of the Shadowcaster class found in the Tome of magic. I claim no ownership of any of this content. This was made solely because no official content update for the Shadowcaster class has been released by Wizards of the Coast*

Mass Flesh Fails
8th-level Necromancy
Casting time: 1 action
Range: 60 ft
Components: Somatic
Duration: Instantaneous

You manipulate an area, darkening it and cutting your foes off from some of their strength

You target a point, and all creatures within a 20 foot radius make a charisma save. On a failed save, they take either 6 ability damage to strengh, 6 ability damage to Dexterity, or 4 ability damage to Constitution. You must select the same type of damage for all the creatures. Ability damage from this spell does not stack, and a creature can only suffer damage to one ability score at a time this way. This spell replaces any ability damage delt by the mystery Flesh Fails

If you have mastery of the Breath of Twilight path, you may choose not to target any number of creatures within the area

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