Marnius the Axe (3.5e NPC)

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Marnius the Axe

CR 15

Male Human Chaplain 15
CG Medium humanoid (human)
Init/Senses Initiative +2/Listen +8, Spot +19
Languages Common, Giant
AC 22, touch 13, flat-footed 19
(+5 Armor, +3 Dexterity, +4 deflection)
hp 216 (15 HD)
Fort/Ref/Will +18/+12/+15
Speed 30 ft. (20 ft. armored)
Melee Battleaxe +16 (1d8+5/x3) or
Melee Handaxe +14 (1d6+5/x3)
Ranged Lance of Faith +5 (7d6/x2)
Base Atk/Grp Base Attack +11/+6/+1/Grapple +14
Special Actions Invocations,Lance of Faith 7d6, Smite Opposition, Divine Grace, Consecrate.
Spell-Like Abilities (Invocations Known):
Abilities Str 14, Dex 19, Con 19, Int 12, Wis 12, Cha 20
SQ Shield of Faith, Divine Force, Aura, Aura of Courage, Divine Health, Zealous Surge, Incontestable Presence.
Feats Ability Focus (lance of faith), Two-Weapon Fighting, Two-Weapon Defense, Improved Two-Weapon Fighting, Combat Expertise, Dodge, Mobility.
Skills Concentration +23, Craft (blacksmithing) +20, Knowledge (religion) +20, Spot +16, Listen +5, Sense Motive +20.
Possessions Breastplate, Battleaxe, Handaxe, 198 platinum
Patron Deity Kord

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