Manual of the Planes (1e)

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Manual of the Planes (1e)
2022 MotP.jpg
Abbreviation: MotP
Author: Jeff Grubb
Publisher: unknown. Please edit this page and add it. (add |publisher=)
Item Code: 2022
Release Date: July 1987
Format: Hardcover
Page Count: 128
ISBN-10: 0880383992
ISBN-13: 9780880383998
Price: out-of-print
Product Blurb:
...from Arcadia to Pandemonium, from the plane of elemental Fire to the Astral plane, vast new worlds of adventure are now open to players.

A vital source for players and DMs of all levels of experience, the Manual of the Planes details the manifold worlds of the known planes of existence. This book describes the inhabitants, rulers, and environments of these worlds, as well as rules for movement, survival, combat, and spell use in these alien surroundings. A different style of AD&D® adventure awaits!

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