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Your skills in battle are lackluster compared to others, however your skill with the hearts of others are above all others.


Beginning at 3rd level, while you know of or have something another wants, you add double proficiency to all Deception and Persuasion attempts on that target.

Hostage taker

At 9th level, you gain advantage on grapple checks Against creatures with their back to you. While you have a creature grappled, you have advantage on all Deception and Persuasion attempts on the allies of that target. Additionally you count as having 3/4ths cover. Misses on you count as hits on your hostage.


At 13th level you've done enough swindling to reduce prices, when attempting to buy or sell you can respectively increase or decrease the main coin type by your proficiency bonus to the price.


Beginning at 17th level you've mastered the way of speech to end pointless battle. When you go first in battle, you can use your entire turn to attempt to make all creatures you can see and that can understand/ hear you make a Wisdom saving throw (DC8 + your Persuasion Bonus) or become none hostile to you or your group until one of you attack or act hostile to it. Any creature effect by this is not friendly to you, and creatures with a territory they don't want you in will ask you to leave or become hostile again.

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