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Mana Patron[edit]

Your Patron is The Mana, an ancient spirit tied to the energy of the world. She has seen fit to bestow a measure of power to you - a connection to magic all your own, through Her. She will watch your progress very closely, seek to nurture your ability to embody Her eight virtues, and eventually grant you the power to overcome a great calamity or change the course of history. She is often laissez faire, and is akin to great old ones in many ways, but Her direct influence may someday be seen through you.

Expanded Spell List[edit]

The Mana lets you choose from an expanded list of spells when you learn a warlock spell. The following spells are added to the warlock spell list for you.

Spell Level Spells
1st magic missile, cure wounds
2nd detect thoughts, calm emotions
3rd clairvoyance, sending
4th aura of purity, phantasmal killer
5th circle of power, commune

Mana's Chosen[edit]

At 1st level, The Mana's bond with magic is shared - in small part - with you. As a result, your body is suffuse with energy and you are able to be sensed by an effect similar to Detect Magic as every school of magic at once. When you complete a long rest, you regain all expended hit dice instead of half. When you finish a short rest and you have more than half your hit dice remaining, you can use hit dice to heal a willing creature you can touch until you have half your hit dice remaining.

Favor of the Virtuous[edit]

Starting at 6th level, when you must make a concentration check, you can expend a hit die to automatically succeed the check if the DC is 15 or below. At 14th level, this threshold improves to include concentration checks that have a DC of 19 or below. The Mana has witnessed a veritable Age of Agony, and She will seek to ease your pain when possible.

True Living Aspect[edit]

Beginning at 10th level, you can cast Tongues on yourself a number of times equal to your Charisma modifier, and regain expended uses on a long rest. Additionally, you gain the ability to commune with the inanimate to a degree. You can perform a ritual during a short rest. At the end of the rest, you can ask the environment for information, drawing the energy from an object to receive an audible answer. You may ask three questions, and each time must ask something new. If the scene is a struggle, you may ask the blood spilled one question, such as "To whom do you belong." You might also ask the ground, "who has tread upon you." Each time, you receive a truthful answer, but with only as much detail as the GM decides, as perhaps the dirt only knows that soft shoes tread upon it and not to whom they belonged. The wind may witness a murder, but the wind travels swiftly and randomly. Furthrmore, this ability does not work on creatures, living or dead.

Mana Manifestation[edit]

At 14th level, once per long rest, as an action, you may surrender yourself to The Mana's will if you are below half your maximum hit points. The GM rolls a d100 in secret. On a 1, you are possessed by the Mana but gain 5 levels of exhaustion when this ability ends. On 2 to 99, you are not exhausted when this ability ends. On a 100, you are not exhausted, but The Mana takes full control of your body and manifests into the world. Once you use this feature, you cannot again until you either complete a long rest or you are no longer exhausted, whichever is longer. If The Mana overtakes you, She will not again within seven days, even if this feature is used again and another 100 is rolled.

If you are possessed by The Mana, for ten minutes you are proficient with all simple and martial weapons, your unarmed strikes and melee weapon attacks deal an additional 10 force damage. You are unaffected by difficult terrain, and you have advantage on saving throws for maintaining concentration, resisting fear or charm, you cannot be possessed by another entity or cursed in any way, and any creature that speaks to you is understood by you while you are understood by all creatures that know a language. Gain temporary hit points equal to half your current hit points upon activating this ability.

If The Mana completely overtakes you, She is a creature as detailed here. In this event, your body is no longer under your control and you are considered unconscious for ten minutes or until The Mana retreats from your body, whichever is shorter. The Mana is not obligated to follow through on any of your choices or promises, and she may act and make decisions on Her own.

This ability manifests as the silhouette of The Mana superimposed over your own visage. She appears semi-transparent to overlap with you, and your eyes glow a bright cyan. This event requires immense power from you, and can be quite the ordeal. If your soul is not strong enough to withstand The Mana's possession, your life will be in great danger.

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