Magical Aptitude, Tome (3.5e Feat)

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This is the Tome feat. You may be looking for SRD:Magical Aptitude.
Magical Aptitude Fill in prerequisites for this feat You're crazy good at manipulating magic. -

Magical Aptitude [Skill][edit]

You're crazy good at manipulating magic.

Benefits: This is a skill feat that scales with your ranks in Spellcraft.

  • 0 ranks: You gain a +3 bonus on Spellcraft checks.
  • 4 ranks: When counterspelling, you may use a spell of the same school that is one or more spell levels higher than the target spell.
  • 9 ranks: You can dismiss a spell as a free action. You can redirect a spell as a move action, if it normally requires a standard action, or a swift action, if it normally takes a move action. You gain a +3 bonus on dispel checks.
  • 14 ranks: You can counter a spell as an immediate action.
  • 19 ranks: You automatically know which spells or magic effects are active on upon any individual object you see, as if you had greater arcane sight active on yourself.

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