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Magic Marksman[edit]

An example of a Magic Marksman

Rather than the path of the warrior or the wizard, some few decide to join a new branch of battle. These fighters are the magic marksmen, renowned for their unique weapons, and equally unique arcane powers. Rather than spells, they use experimental magics through weapons.

See the bottom for information regarding Firearms.

Firearm Fanatic[edit]

When you choose this subclass at 3rd level, you gain proficiency with firearms. You also learn how to craft ammunition at half price, repair damaged firearms, and craft firearms.


At 3rd level, you gain the ability to magically enhance your next attack you make with a firearm.

You learn two Enchantments of your choice. Enchantments apply an effect to your current bullet, and can be used once per bullet. One more Enchantment may be learned at 7th, 10th, 15th, and 18th level.

Once per turn when you attack using a firearm, you may apply an Enchantment to your shot. You decide to Enchant before you take the Attack action. You may use this ability an amount equal to your Wisdom or Intelligence modifier (minimum 1.) You gain another use of this ability at 7th and 15th level.

  • Restore all uses after you finish a short or long rest.
  • Restore one use upon landing a critical hit.

Enchantment save DC: 8 + proficiency bonus + Intelligence or Wisdom modifier (your choice.)

Concentrated Chamber[edit]

At 7th level, you gain the ability to imbue your chamber with magic. As a bonus action, you may make the entirety of your chamber, not single bullets, negate immunity to nonmagical attacks and damage. You cannot Enchant any bullets under this effect.

Rapid Repair and Reload[edit]

At 10th level, you learn to rapidly interact with your gun. You may now Reload or attempt to Repair your firearm as a bonus action. When using this ability, you suffer a +5 to the DC to Repair your firearm, and may only Reload one bullet.

Sudden Sorcery[edit]

At 15th level, you draw upon the remnants of your previous bullets at the start of combat. When rolling initiative with no uses of Enchantment remaining, regain one use.

Spell Shot[edit]

At 18th level, you learn how to apply some well-known spells to your shots. Select two cantrips from the wizard, druid, and bard spell lists, and add them to your Enchantments.

  • You may not choose an Illusion, Abjuration, or Divination spell.
  • Leveling up does not change the effect of the spell.
  • Spell range is changed to the bullet's touch.
  • Spell casting modifier is either your Wisdom or Intelligence modifier (your choice.)
  • Limitations to a specific location on the user's body are negated. This includes Encode Thoughts. (Example: Shillelagh requires the bullet to touch a staff, not for you to wield a staff.)
  • Limitations to melee attacks are negated. (Example: Booming Blade requires a firearm attack, not a melee attack.)


Immobilize: On a hit, the target must succeed a Constitution saving throw or be knocked prone.

Disable: On a hit, the target must succeed a Constitution saving throw or get disadvantage on attacks, lasting until the start of the target or user's turn (whichever comes first.)

Disarm: On a hit, the target must succeed a Constitution saving throw or drop all weapons.

Repel: On a hit, the target must succeed a Constitution saving throw or be pushed 15 feet away from the user.

Berserk: On a hit, the target must succeed a Wisdom saving throw or attack the nearest creature. The effect ends if the target is attacked, attacks, or cannot reach it's foe.

Opportunity: On a hit, the target must succeed a Wisdom saving throw or provoke an opportunity attack by an ally of the user's choice. The effect ends if the chosen ally attacks, is unable to attack, or if the target is attacked.

Track: Select one creature you have seen within the last minute. This attack will find them, moving around obstacles, armor, and negating protective magic, effectively making the attack unblockable.

Luck: This attack is critical on a roll of 18-20.

Burst: This attack explodes, dealing an extra 2d10 force damage to the target all creatures within 10 feet of the target.

Extra Information[edit]

Firearms have unique effects, such as Misfire and Reload.

Misfire: Whenever you make an attack with a firearm, and the dice roll is equal to or lower than the weapon's Misfire, the firearm malfunctions. When a firearm malfunctions, you must spend an action to repair it in order to use it again. The DC to repair 8 + Misfire score, using your Intelligence or Wisdom (your choice.) Upon failure, the weapon is broken, and must be fixed outside of combat. A firearm's Misfire rate is increased by 1 for any creature without proficiency.

Reload: A firearm can be fired an amount equal to it's Reload score before needing to Reload, costing an attack or an action. You must have at least one free hand to Reload.


Name | Cost | Damage | Weight | Range | Properties

Palm Pistol | 50g | 1d8 piercing | 1 lbs | (40/160) | Light, Reload 1, Misfire 1

Pistol | 150g | 1d10 piercing | 3lbs | (60/240) | Reload 4, Misfire 1

Musket | 300g | 1d12 piercing | 10lbs | (120/480) | Two-handed, Reload 1, Misfire 2

Revolver | 250g | 1d10 piercing | 5 lbs | (60/240) | Reload 6, Misfire 2

Blunderbuss | 300g | 2d8 piercing | 10 lbs | (15/60) | Reload 1, Misfire 2

Cygnus Alpha | Rare | 1d10 necrotic | 5 lbs | (60/240) | Reload 1, Misfire 0

Gamma Velorum | Rare | 1d10 radiant | 5 lbs | (60/240) | Reload 1, Misfire 0

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