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Magic is very common on Vanchilia The overlord has dozens of all kinds of magic users at his beck and call and watches all his subject's with an eagle just waiting for some one to slip up so he can be taken to the fun bag of torture.

The Flow and Weaves of Magic[edit]

Magic is said to be hard to manipulate but not any more any one can discover magic but very few ever do because the overlord forbids it but that does not stop people from using it. sorcerers are very careful because most don´t have control of their powers and can easily be spotted out in the crowd.Wizards are safe for the most part but if they are found in the study of magic they are attack and mostly killed on the spot unless they have very powerful magic that the overlord can use for his evil whims.


The world is full of mystery and magic and some of the few people in Vanchilia wish to learn magic and even fewer do but even less actually learn enough to even challenge let alone escape Vanchilia from the overlord evil clutches.Some magic users use magic items like wand s and orbs because finding materials to spellcast is harder to find because the overlord has taken them all from the bat guano to the eye of a newt.

Wild Magic[edit]

Sourcerers are highly hunted for their innate magic and powerful spells but even more so when they have wild magic when they use their magic it upsets the balance in this world.and when when that does happen random volcanoes erupt and waters become unstable making huge tsunami's and earthquakes happen and guards are alerted an on the look out of coursers to kill them or work for the overlord. Those who possess magical prowess even in the slightest are brought before the overlord in a test if proven worthy they become the overlords magical researchers studying ways to bring back the dead with none of the draw backs.

Magic Items[edit]

The effects of a spell are brought to life through force of will, study, and delicate manipulation of energies. But these are impermanent, lasting only as long as the energy put into them is sustained, some only lasting a fleeting instant. Creating magic items is a way to make the magic last far beyond the instant of its creation. Allowing a spell to last for as long as the item does, or as long as the energy within can sustain the weaves.

In some cases, the magic of an item is incomplete, it must be tied to its wielder to complete the weaves within it. This entwines threads together, a mixture of energies, both empowering the other. This connection between the wielder and the object they wield is often called attunement. There are limitations to this ability, an individual is only able to handle so many of these connections before the burden they place on the wielder becomes dangerous. The overlord has all kinds of magic items and is not afraid to use it once in a while forcing magic users to make them and blacksmiths to craft the raw materials and is feared by every one for the sheer magic power and strength and devastating power of dragons and other dangerous beast.

Crafting Magic Items[edit]

It is impossible to construct magic items on anything like an assembly line. Magic is too delicate a tool to simply be automated, it depends too much on the will of the one doing the casting, too much on intent. The magic must be woven into an object as that object is being constructed, infusing its nature with the magic. This is a technique known as weave enchanting, or simply “weaving.” The other major technique consists of carving inscriptions into an object to give it its purpose, creating magical texts to impose arcane strength. This latter technique is commonly called rune enchanting or “carving,” though it does not always use runes and does not necessarily need to be carved. Carving allows for more precision in the enchantment, but does not sustain itself beyond a few uses.

Weaving enchantment into an object is considered the best method of creating a magic item, it lasts the longest and can infuse much stronger magics. Rune enchanting lasts a significantly shorter time, but can allow for finer control, using language and the nature of the object to give the enchantment definition. The most successful enchanters incorporate both techniques into the construction of a magic item. Infusing the object with strength and delicate weaves, then further refining that strength by inscribing words of power onto the object. Because both of these techniques require an influx of magic during the object’s construction, they require a person to do it. Not even the ancients were able to work around this limitation.

Restrictions on Magic[edit]

The overlord is the only one who can control the magic in the realm and he does this by controlling the magic users with fear or other torturing means and no one dares to tell him no because if you do you will fear his power, because he wants all power even magic power to belong to him and no one else.not even his dragons contain any magical powers because they where sucked out out of them threw cruel means. By controlling the way magic works it makes it extremely difficult for anyone to obtain magical items and weapons.

Resurrecting the Dead[edit]

The dead prefer to be dead because living with the overlord is so mean and frightful not to mention that raising the dead is hard to accomplish and even harder to do unnoticed and not even the overlord would even let you live if you do.

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