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Mage Hunter[edit]


As an archetype of a Mage hunter you have always had a sense to the wrong doings of those that chose to abuse their gifts. Must be of either good or evil alignment to use this subclass and must have a mentor that has either past on or is still fighting the good fight.

Bonus Proficiencies

When you choose this archetype at 3rd level you gain proficiency in arcana and investigation or one tool of their choice.

Pre-knowledge striker

At 3rd level when you choose this subclass you may make an investigation check at advantage when discerning if an enemy is wielding magic or a magical item. And may prepare an attack using your bonus action to melee attack the target before they are able to release a spell so long as they are within 5ft of you, and so long as the spell has a verbal component. This attack uses both the bonus action and reaction and character is unable to use a reaction once the prepared attack has been activated.
At 10th level caster has to make a constitution save against dc 8 + prof + intelligence modifier to maintain the spell.

Intelligence over brawn

At 7th level you may add your intelligence modifier to your saves against magical abilities as well as any damage rolls against magical users. As well granted access to one cantrip and can be cast as a bonus action and you have access to counterspell and may use it to 3 + your int modifier and may use more uses to increase level of the spell.


At 15th level gain proficiency a crafting tool that would create an object or allows to modify a piece of equipment to reflect magic that attacks with a visual component (Finger of of Death, Chromatic orb, firebolt, etc) the cost of modification is equal to 2000gp per spell level strength and an additional 1000gp for every level above 6th level spell. Once crafted or modified, the item cannot be modified again. Requires a reaction to activate, cannot be used again until after a short or long rest.


at 18th level your weapons can absorb spells and can release the spells as either extra damage or to attack at range. For every spell absorbed increase damage by one extra dice up to a max of 5 dice. Or can make each attack at a range 30/120 attacks or by giving up a bonus action attack range increase to 150/600

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