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I was talking power builds with some friends the other day, and this one really seemed fun to me, so I thought I'd share it with you guys.

Stats: For this guide, I'll use the point buy method. Using this, have your stats as follows: Str: 8 Dex: 15 Con: 10 Int: 15 Wis: 8 Cha: 14

Race: For the best initiative possible, go with the variant human for plus one to Dex and Int, as well as the alert feat for the plus five to initiative. This will also help offset your potentially low perception score by making you immune to being surprised.

Build: Eight levels of wizard, 10 levels of rogue, and two levels of bard, total five ASI's. You can start with any one of the three classes, Depending on which saving throws you prefer to have. Likewise, you can pick any background and class skills you want.

For your Roguish Archetype, go with the Swashbuckler(Sword Coast/Xanathar's Guide). This will grant you the Rakish Audacity feature, allowing you to add you Charisma modifier to your initiative. For your Arcane tradition, go with the War Magic tradition(Xanathar's Guide) for the Tactical Wit feature, allowing you to add your Intelligence modifier to your initiative. The two levels of Bard grants Jack of All Trades, adding half of your proficiency bonus, rounded down to any ability check that doesn't already use said bonus. This includes initiative, which is a dexterity ability check.

four of your ASI's will go into upping your Dex and Int scores both to 20, followed by Cha for your fifth ASI. Prioritize Dex first if you want to focus on the Roguish skills/combat. Alternatively, go with Int first if you would rather focus on the wizard spells.

Endgame: Final scores/Initiative: Dex: 20/ +5, Int: 20/ +5, Cha: 16/ +3, Alert feat: +5, J.o.A.T. bump: +3 = +21 to initiative

That's pretty good for no magic items. Just be mindful of your Potentially low hit points, a tank you are not.

If rolled:

If you were able to roll your stats, got high scores, and were able to get all three key stats to 20, you're looking at a grand total of +23 to initiative. without the need of magic items.

I hope you had fun reading this, and feel free to let me know if you can beat this initiative score within official WoTC rules, without magic items.

See you around.

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