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Madeline the Mad Mandolin - Masterwork - Chaotic Neutral

INT - 19 (+4) | CHA - 19 (+4) | WIS - 10 (+0) | EGO - 22

Speech, telepathy, 120 ft. darkvision, blindsense, and hearing Knows Common, Elven, Dwarven, Gnome, and Halfling Can read all languages as well as use read magic Has 10 ranks in Spot Has 10 ranks in Listen Has 10 ranks in Sense Motive Can activate zone of truth 3/day Has continuous detect scrying effect Can detect opposing alignment at will Can use detect thoughts at will

All Madeline ever wanted was to be played, but anyone that touched her would go insane. Madi is paranoid, you see, as the people who play her also always abandon her. Because of this she is fiercely protective of the bard that picks her up. She constantly warns them of danger and is suspicious of anyone who would get near them. While she is capable of speech, in several languages in fact, she prefers to communicate telepathically with her bard and only her bard. If anyone but her bard touches her she screams until she is saved. When her bard abandons her she weeps until she is played once again.

If the bard that picks up Madeline doesn't match her alignment she'll either feel he's much too stuffy for a bard (good aligned) and will urge him to drink more at taverns and be more mischievous in his interactions with people, or she will feel he's doing it wrong (evil aligned) and will insist that he be nicer to the people around him so that he'll be better treated and get more money. If she thinks that she might have to force her bard to do things properly she will. For his own good.

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