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Dog, Mad: CR 5; Medium Animal; HD 6d8+18, hp 45, Mas 19; Init +2, Spd 40 ft.; Def 16 (+2 Dex, +4 natural); BAB +4, Grap +8; Atk bite +8 melee (1d6+6); S/R 5 ft./5 ft.; SA improved grab, rage, trip (+4); SQ ferocity, low-light vision, scent; AL none; SV Fort +10, Ref +7, Will +3; AP 0, Rep +0; Str 18, Dex 14, Con 16, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 6.

  • Skills: Jump +7 (+9 running), Listen +8, Spot +5, Survival +1 (+5 tracking)
  • Feats: Alertness, Great Fortitude, Improved Damage Threshold, Track (B)
  • Combat

A mad dog attacks mainly by jumping at its opponent's throat or arms and holding on. If more than one dog is attacking, each will randomly decide to use their improved grab ability or their trip ability. Both abilities cannot be used at the same time. A mad dog that successfully grapples an opponent will not let go, even if it suffers massive damage.

  • Ferocity (Ex): A mad dog is such a tenacious combatant that it continues to fight without penalty even while disabled and dying.
  • Improved Grab (Ex): To use this ability, a mad dog must hit with its bite attack. It can then attempt to start a grapple as a free action without provoking an attack of opportunity.
  • Rage (Ex): A mad dog that takes damage in combat flies into a berserk rage on its next turn, clawing and biting madly until either it or its opponent are dead. It gains +4 to Strength, +4 to Constitution, and -2 to Defense. The creature cannot end its rage voluntarily.
  • Trip (Ex): A mad dog that hits with a bite attack can attempt to trip the opponent (+4 check modifier) as a free action without making a touch attack or provoking an attack of opportunity. If the attempt fails, the opponent cannot react to trip the dog. The dog cannot attempt to trip and use its improved grab ability at the same time.
  • Skills: A dog gains a +2 racial bonus to Jump checks. It also gains a +4 racial bonus to Survival checks to track by scent.

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