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Tumble (Dex; Trained Only; Armor Penalty)

Check: A character can land softly when he or she falls, tumble past opponents in combat, or tumble through opponents.

Land Softly: The character can make a Tumble check (DC 15) when falling. If the check succeeds, treat the fall as if it were 10 feet shorter when determining damage.

Tumble past Opponents: With a successful Tumble check (DC 15), the character can weave, dodge, and roll up to 20 feet through squares adjacent to opponents, risking no attacks of opportunity. Failure means the character moves as planned, but provokes attacks of opportunity as normal.

Tumble through Opponents: With a successful Tumble check (DC 25), the character can roll, jump, or dive through squares oc­cupied by opponents, moving over, under, or around them as if they weren’t there. Failure means the character moves as planned, but provokes attacks of opportunity as normal.

Try Again?: No.

Special: A character with 5 or more ranks in Tumble gains a +3 dodge bonus to Defense (instead of the normal +2) when fighting defensively, and a +6 dodge bonus (instead of the normal +4) when engaging in total defense.

A character can take 10 when making a Tumble check, but can’t take 20.

A character with the Acrobatic feat and at least 1 rank in this skill gets a +2 bonus on all Tumble checks.

Time: A character can try to reduce damage from a fall as a reaction once per fall. A character can attempt to tumble as a free action that must be performed as part of a move action.

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