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Profession (Wis)

Check: A character makes Profession checks to improve his or her Wealth bonus every time he or she attains a new level. The DC for the check is the character’s current Wealth bonus. If the character succeeds at the Profession check, his or her Wealth bonus increases by +1. For every 5 by which the character exceeds the DC, his or her Wealth bonus increases by an additional +1. A character can’t take 10 or take 20 when making a Profession check to improve his or her Wealth bonus.

How many ranks a character has in the Profession skill (including ranks the character may have just acquired after gaining a level) also adds to the Wealth bonus increase the character receives upon gaining a new level. In addition to the Wealth bonus increase a character gains from your Profession check result (if the check succeeds), the number of ranks the character has in this skill increases his or her Wealth bonus as follows.

Ranks Wealth Bonus Increase
1–5 +1
6–10 +2
11–15 +3
16–20 +4
21–23 +5

Special: If the Gamemaster deems it appropriate, a character can add his or her Profession modifier when making a Reputation check to deal with a work- or career-related situation.

Every time a character takes the Windfall feat, he or she gets a cumulative +1 bonus on all Profession checks.

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