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Perform (Cha)

This skill encompasses several categories, each of them treated as a separate skill. These categories are identified and defined below.

The number of Perform categories is kept purposely finite. When trying to determine what Perform skill a particular type of performance falls under, use a broad interpretation of the existing categories. Do not arbitrarily make up new categories.

Check: The character is accomplished in some type of artistic expression and knows how to put on a performance. The character can impress audiences with his or her talent and skill. The quality of the character’s performance depends on his or her check result.

The eight Perform categories, and the qualities each one encompasses, are as follows.

Act: The character is a gifted actor, capable of performing drama, comedy, or action-oriented roles with some level of skill.

Dance: The character is a gifted dancer, capable of performing rhythmic and patterned bodily movements to music.

Keyboards: The character is a musician gifted with a talent for playing keyboard musical instruments, such as piano, organ, and synthesizer.

Percussion Instruments: The character is a musician gifted with a talent for playing percussion musical instruments, such as drums, cymbals, triangle, xylophone, and tambourine.

Sing: The character is a musician gifted with a talent for producing musical tones with your voice.

Stand-Up: The character is a gifted comedian, capable of performing a stand-up routine before an audience.

Stringed Instruments: The character is a musician gifted with a talent for playing stringed musical instruments, such as banjo, guitar, harp, lute, sitar, and violin.

Wind Instruments: The character is a musician gifted with a talent for playing wind musical instruments, such as flute, bugle, trumpet, tuba, bagpipes, and trombone.

Result Performance
10 Amateur performance. Audience may appreciate your performance, but isn’t impressed.
15 Routine performance. Audience enjoys your performance, but it isn’t exceptional.
20 Great performance. Audience highly impressed.
25 Memorable performance. Audience enthusiastic.
30 Masterful performance. Audience awed.

Try Again?: Not for the same performance and audience.

Special: A character can take 10 when making a Perform check, but can’t take 20.

A character without an appropriate instrument automatically fails any Perform (keyboard), Perform (percussion), Perform (stringed), or Perform (wind) check he or she attempts. At the GM’s discretion, impromptu instruments may be employed, but the performer must take a –4 penalty on the check because his or her equipment, although usable, is inappropriate for the skill.

Every time a character takes the Creative feat, he or she gets a +2 bonus on checks involving two Perform skills the character designates. See the feat description for more information.

Time: A Perform check usually requires at least several minutes to an hour or more.

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