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The plane of Lysaq is a Limbo like place. Many strange happening occur on this insane plane. Random limbs can be seen floating around the plane and form to make amalgamations that are not natural. At the end of each day spent in Lysaq a creature that is not native to the dimension must make a DC 20 intelligence saving throw or gain a long term madness. .Lysaq's gravity is unpredictable, each time a creature touches a surface for the first time it's gravity is changed

When a creature touches a surface for the first time roll on this table

d4 Gravity
1 Upwards to the surface
2 Downwards to the surface
3 Right to the surface
4 Left to the surface


The Facelessmen[edit]

The Facelessmen are a race of Humans that don't have faces. They talk by tapping their feet on the ground, which causes them to end up looking like tap dancers .They live in the more stable parts of Lysaq and build small settlements, they are more than happy to help travelers. Facelessmen are slow to trust but once you have ones trust they will be a loyal partner.


The only other regular inhabitant of Lysaq, tutles look like turtles but are much stronger. They are inter-planar explorers, but at the end of the day they come back to Lysaq.

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