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Greater Deity
Symbol: A scythe with a single drop of blood on the tip, crossing a full moon
Home Plane: Nocturnia (3.5e Environment)
Alignment: Chaotic Nuetral
Portfolio: Life, Love, Moon, Night, Protection
Clergy Alignments: None
Domains: Water, Healing, Protection
Favored Weapon: Scythe


The Moon Goddess is a loving, generous lady who shares with her followers. She takes care of those who sacrifice for her. She has some prejudice against monsters, and only sees humanoid races fit to become higher in existence. However, she is a carefree spirit and will do what she needs on occasion to get her way.


Luna encourages her followers to make something of themselves and be useful in life. She knows that her followers aren't all perfect goody-two shoes and takes care of all of them equally. She wants her followers to do what they want and enjoy life, but if they want her protection they will have to sacrifice a little. However, she does not appreciate followers fighting amongst each other and will not tolerate it.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Luna's religion is simple: live life to the fullest. She despises the darkness in the world and does not like people who hide in shadows. Thus her temples are always well lit, and are usually round to show equality. The only thing she asks for her generosity is a monthly donation of her followers blood at the full moon. However, her more devout followers will sacrifice gold, food, and pray more often to her following more in her footsteps.


Luna wishes for her people to live in peace with one another and does not tolerate violence between her followers. She belives that every person should be an upstanding member of society (good or evil) and make a difference. She does help in the crusade against Vile, evil creatures and people, thinking they take evil to a new level. She does not like many monster races and secretly wages war with orcs, demons, trolls and the like.


Luna appears as a silver/black human female, with long hair and a long elegant dress. The silver and black parts are determined by the phase of Earth's moon. For example, during a full moon, she is completely silver. During a new moon, she is completely black.

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