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The loxodon are a proud, compassionate race, with all the toughness and wisdom of the elephants they resemble

Racial Traits
Average Height: 6'10"-7'6"
Average Weight: 280-400 lbs
Ability Scores: +2 Wisdom, +2 Strength or Constitution
Size: Medium
Speed: 6 squares
Vision: Normal
Languages: Common, Giant
Skill Bonuses: +2 Endurance, +2 Heal
Bulky: When you make an opportunity attack, you slide the target 1 square if you hit or miss.
Thick Hide: You have resist acid 5+ one half your level
Elephant's Wisdom: When you make the Aid Another action, you grant your ally a +3 bonus rather than +2.
Tusk Smash: You have the tusk smash racial power

Tusk Smash Loxodon Racial Power
You slam your tusks into your enemy and thrust him backward.
Standard Action Melee 1
Target: One creature
Attack: Strength +2 or Constitution +2 Vs. Fortitude, Increase to +4 at 11th level and to +6 at 21st level.
Hit: 1d8+ Strength modifier damage, and you push the target 1 square. If you scored a critical hit with this power, you instead push the target 2 squares and the target is knocked prone.
Special: When you create your character, choose Strength or Constitution. Use that ability for the attack rolls of this power. This choice remains throughout your character's life and can't be changed. Increase to 2d8 at 11th level and to 3d8 at 21st level.

Native to the busy streets of Ravnica, the loxodon are calm, lumbering giants who often guard the plentiful oases throughout the land. In times of calm, they are known to hum as they move about in seeming ignorant bliss. Provoked, however, they become holy terrors. Their monstrous strength coupled with their tough skins and loud bellows are enough to strike fear into any soldier. In their large ramparts, the loxodons form essential battering rams and can break through any enemy defenses. They are not to be mistaken as dull beasts either, for their long memory lets them recall countless years of battle expertise and tactics, making them deadly enemies.

Play as a Loxodon if you want...

  • To look like an elephant
  • To be a race that's enduring and helpful to others
  • To be large, bulky, and heavy
  • To be a member of a race that favors the fighter, cleric or warden classes.

Physical Qualities[edit]

Loxodon are a race of humanoids that resemble elephants. They stand 7 to 7.5 feet tall and weigh even more than goliaths, sometimes reaching 400 pounds. Their skin can range from light gray to mid-brown. They have no body hair because of their thick skin, and are always bald, even the females. The only hair on their bodies are small tufts on the end of their short tails, which is usually black or brown. They're slow to mature, reaching adulthood around age 25 to 30, and live for around 135 years before showing the effects of age, and live to see 180.

Playing a Loxodon[edit]

The loxodon, despite their size, believe in powers of the group united. There is a responsibility within a herd divvied up to each member. everyone should look out for one another, particularly the elderly and young. Betrayal is met with severe disappointment and punishment. This makes the loxodon a race of relentlessly loyal beings, and steadfast allies in battle. They will hold the line for others to retreat and cover for the wounded when the going gets tough. When it is time to strike, they coordinate well with other members and will move to tank most of the hits for weaker allies in a platoon. Different groups of loxodon communities have different beliefs as to what a community is, however.

Loxodon Characteristics: Bulky, enduring, helpful, tough, compassionate, stalwart, strong, wise.

Male Names: Achethon, Bayul, Chedhov, Throom, Vassul

Female Names: Ajj, Boja, Danccu, Yoolna, Zajj

Loxodon Adventurers[edit]

Three sample Loxodon adventurers are described below.

Radamov is a fighter loxodon from a long generation of oases keepers in the Selesnya Conclave. He has honed his skills to protect the good-willed inhabitants of the land. When the oasis begins to dry, he must uphold his family name and continue to serve the community by venturing forth to find new a new source of water for those whom he is bound to.

Jasoo is a young cleric loxodon in the Azorius community. She was raised in accordance with the strict belief that order governs all sentient creatures. For a pilgrimage, she is sent off to go and retain order in parts of the world where it is perceived that chaotic thoughts from mindless beasts encroach.

Dobrun was taken in by the Orzhov syndicate at a young age and raised to become one of their loxodon wardens. The syndicate is true family, and so he has taken it upon himself to shield members of the group, not always being aware of the nefarious deeds that plague others as a result of the syndicate's actions.

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