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Loopy Fist[edit]

It can not be learned, nor can it be taught, or honed and refined through training and practice. Loopy Fist Fighters become human powerhouses who'll strike unpredictably, with no inhibitions, with an explosive fury and without any second thoughts about their actions. Once drunk, the user will lose their ability to know friend from foe and attack whomever is in their way. If hit while in this Style, you have to roll a Reflex save equal to 5 + amount damage taken but if failed you are knocked unconscious for 1 round. If no damage is taken, you get any number of attacks of opportunity. You also gain a +3+1 per 2 levels in Drunken Master to all Damage rolls.

1st-Level Skill Bonus: Tumble.

1st-Level Feat: combat reflexes.

2nd-Level Feat: two weapon fighting.

6th-Level Feat: Altered Unarmed Strike.

6th-Level Bonus Ability: while in the Style if you drink you a take a -2 to your Reflex saves and gain +1 to all damage rolls per drink.

Prerequisites: Dex 14 8 ranks in Tumble .

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