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Living Dolls[edit]

Created by magical or non-magical means, this crafted race closely resembles humans. When created, they could be used as simple automatons, or they could be given a soul, perhaps brought to life by a higher power, or simply given an artificial soul by a great wizard.

Physical Description[edit]

Their bodies may vary due to their origin but are always shaped to be like certain living beings, in most cases humans. Every living doll has a core, whether it being a magical crystal, beating heart, or even something completely different, destroying it does not mean the end of your life. It could be healed, repaired and even re-made but having your character saved from death comes with its consequences (work with your DM to figure a fair way to handicap your character if you should've died. Maybe you lost your memories thus losing levels or perhaps forgetting spells and such).


Most dolls were created just as toys, workers and even guards, but some of them possess a soul. A spirit can be placed inside an empty doll as a part of a curse, divine intervention or being given an artificial one. Sometimes spirits would be granted bodies by the deities thus having a doll body. Tailored for a certain purpose the variety of dolls is endless from a creepy and small marionette to a normal-sized living being or even a giant such you would never know. Living dolls were sometimes used as messengers because their life is undervalued by most people. Having a reincarnation inside a doll body some poor souls have to prove their own legitimacy to their friends and even loved ones. Having an artificial body does not mean you are safe from the outside world even though you're gifted with toughness it is not like it would help against a giant fireball or a well-placed arrow.


Living dolls are a rarity in the world. There are not enough of them to be called a community. Almost every single one of them is unique, often indistinguishable from the real thing. They blend in well with society, but if their identity is discovered they could often be seen as an object by inhumane and disrespectful masses.

Living Doll Names[edit]

Usually, the creator gives a name to the living doll, but souls placed in the body refer to themselves by the name they were called in life.

Living Doll Traits[edit]

Sturdy and magically enhanced human-like construct
Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution score increases by 2.
Age. Living dolls are formed as adults and they don't age, but their bodies could show wear and tear when unkept for a while.
Alignment. Depends on what they were created for or the spirit residing in them but most of them are built true neutral by default.
Size. They take the size after the race they were modeled after. Your size is Medium.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Living Construct. You are a construct and therefore don't need to eat, breathe or drink unless specified. Instead of sleeping for 8 hours you can instead release control of your body for 4 hours a day, while releasing control you are fully aware of anything in a 10 ft radius around you and transformed into the body of a small doll, having to take an action to revert back. You are also immune to any non-magical diseases.
Languages. Common and any 1 other language
Subrace. Subraces are divided into what keeps your body animated and how you attained your body/how it was made

Body types[edit]

Living Organism[edit]

Your body is kept moving through strings of necrotic magic gathered within a heart on the inside of your chest.

Heartbeat. Thanks to the heartbeat of the heart inside of you you know how human heartbeats work and you can easily hear that of other people, having this you can tell when a person is frightened, charmed and you become proficient in the Insight skill. You also become immune to being frightened and charmed yourself.
Blood bound heart. Even though your body is that of a construct your body still is run by a heart and thus you are required to eat and drink, disabling your Living Construct trait.

Crystal Hearth[edit]

Your have a crystal core, even though gods and curses can create these dolls you need this crystal to move your body.

Ability Score Increase. One chosen ability +1
Magical crystal. Your magical core is run through gathering magic in the air around you. Each day you need to absord 2 levels worth of spells, you do this by being within 60 ft of a spellcaster when they cast a spell of first level or higher. You can only absorb spell levels from casting them yourself if either fail casting the spell or disabling its effect. With each level you gain you need to absorb one additional level of spells a day; 3 levels at lvl 2. this stops at level 10 at 12 levels of spells.
Magical conduct. Thanks to your magical core you have an innate advantage as spellcaster. You can cast the spell: False life an amount of time equal to your Intelligence modifier per short rest, it can only be cast as a first level spell.

Well Made[edit]

Created by a diety or a powerful wizard your body is strong enough to their standarts.

Ability Score Increase. One chosen ability +1
Repairable. Being damaged triggers an autorapair mode allowing you to use your hit die + proficiency bonus whilst in combat but using all your actions, reaction and your bonus action in your turn. Broken parts for example having your arm completely shattered by some giant force requires you to go to a competent wizard or a smith that could fix it for you. Using spells and healing potions to recover health work just as well as the 'ol blacksmiths hammer.
Semi-Immortality. Your body lifespan is indefinate and death does not mean the end of your character. Being unkept will not show because your outer shell is very sturdy. You do not require any food or water to sustain yourself thus giving you a proficiency in the Survival skill.

Soul type[edit]


A lingering spirit found this doll body and it now haunts it as its own.

Ability Score Increase. Wisdom +1
Frightening stare. You have advantage on Intimidation checks.
Eerie Aura. You gain proficiency in the Intimidation skill thanks to the nasty aura you give off.


You where created by humans for their entertainment and are made to allure people.

Ability Score Increase. Charisma +1
Alluring grace. Thanks to the magic involved in your creation you have learnt to cast the spell charm person once per long rest.
Trustworthy. You gain proficiency in the Persuasion skill.

Messenger of Holy[edit]

Your soul is implanted in this body by a diety of your universe making you one of their followers.

Ability Score Increase. Intelligence +1
Soulsight. You are able to see the souls of living things within 20ft, thanks to this you know a creatures Allignment and Racial type(Beast, Apperition, Humanoid, Construct, etc)
Praise. granting you proficiency in the Religion skill.


Body made by a great wizard. You are orginally made to be a student of magic by said wizard. Having an artificially created soul means you spiritually are not bound to any plane upon "death" but simply remain in your body.

Ability Score Increase. Intelligence +1
Natural Caster. Your spell focus is within you and you do not require a such to cast spells, learning new spells from scrolls and books requires you to know the language they're written in if you don't you have to translate them costing you 25 gold and just then you can take a short or a long rest to inprint the new spells in your memory. You're your own spell book.
Crafty. Having been taught in magical arts you get proficiency in the Arcana skill.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

′ ″ + lb. × () lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

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