Lightning Rail Saved from Emerald Claw (Eberron Nights Supplement)

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News for 23 Mol, Barrakas[edit]

Lightning Rail Saved From Emerald Claw!!

by Chupa Krabba, Dwarf on the Scene

An Attempted Hostage Situation Avoided by Timely Intervention of Heroes

SWORDKEEP -- After some quick thinking on the part of several passengers of the nonstop Sharn to Passage Lightning Rail, the deaths of many people was avoided this afternoon. Witness's claim that several Emerald Claw members ambushed and attacked several passengers in one of the Baggage Cars, but do to the quick thinking these individuals quickly overpowered and defeated their assailants.

The Emerald Claw seemed to have taken two hostages and were guarding them when the Heroes discovered the plot. Both young women were rescued, one of which belonged to a House that wishes to remain nameless at this time.

Because of the intervention of the would be saviors, other members of the Claw took it upon themselves to create an environment of terror by summarily executing the Conductor and his assistants. One of the previous hostages managed to calm the elemental down and slow the rail to a stop in Swordkeep, a military outpost North East of Sharn, the City of Towers, after the group defeated the remaining Emerald Claw.

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