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Light Elf[edit]

Suffused with innate light magic, light elves are fun, loving, and charismatic. Bearing from the Material Plane, they originally were a secular group of high elves. Residing in self-constructed temples, these elves dedicated themselves to the worship of celestial entities until they were rewarded for their service. With the blessing of each member being determined by their faith, a caste system was established among the race. Admittedly, this happened to be the group's downfall as those who revolted over the unfair treatment of classes had their powers revoked for turning against their kind. With several more failed coup attempts, the faithful light elves began pure-breeding among themselves to continue the growth of their species. Nowadays, most of the elves' light magic is suppressed to the point where there is almost no difference from the powers of descendants from different castes. Even more different from their ancestors, the light elves of today prefer the rustle of wind in the open wild compared to the lone solitude of meditation. Thus, light elves are now renowned for their ability to brighten a conversation rather than their bloodied and betrayal-filled past.

Ability Score Increase. Your Charisma score increases by 1.
Blinding Resistance. You have advantage on saving throws against being blinded.
Light Magic. You know the light cantrip. At level 3, you can cast guiding bolt once, and you must make a long rest before you can again. Starting at 5th level you can cast dome of light once, and you must make a long rest before you can cast it again. Charisma is your spellcasting ability for these spells.
Extra Language. You can speak, read and write Celestial.

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