Life For Life (3.5e Sacrifice)

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Life For Life
Greater; 7th

The Gate is mastery over death, and life. Through sacrifice, life may be restored. This sacrifice power has two forms. The first allows the caster to burn hp, and with a touch restore twice that amount to another. If he uses 15 hp, the target heals 30 hp. He may never use this power on himself, nor may he drop below 1 hp using this power.

It's other form is more sinister for what it does. It duplicates the effects of a Resurrection spell. However, the material cost may be cut in half if a sacrifice of blood is made. For every HD the body possessed, an equal amount of HD of living creatures must be sacrificed in a ritual lasting at least 10 minutes. Using Resurrection in this manner cuts costs (and perhaps reduces the enemy numbers) but gives the spell the [Evil] descriptor. Interestingly enough, undead may be restored by this ability, back to their undead states.

Health Cost (Healing): Variable.

Health Cost (Ritual): -13 and material components.

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