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Lich, Lower[edit]

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Some times spellcaster crosses this ritual while researching to discover the true lich ritual. Other times this results of a fail in the ritual. And some Lich uses it to promote their best servants into more powerful beings without revealing to them the real Lich power.

Creating a Lower Lich[edit]

This template is an inherited template that can be added to any living creature, with at least 1 Caster level. It uses all the base creature's statistics and special abilities except as noted here.

Size and Type[edit]

Size is the same as base creature. Type changes to undead.

Hit Dice[edit]

Hit dice changes to d12 (if you use 3.5 rules or d8 if uses Pathfinder system).

Speed, Armor and Attack[edit]

Speed and attack didn’t change. Natural armor improves 1.

Special Attacks[edit]

Touch attack - He can use a touch attack with negative energy that causes 1d3 points of damage +1 per 2 HD he has, to the maximum of 5. He can use a full round action to heal him self.

Paralyzing touch - Function likes the Lich ability, but the effect is not permanent, during only 1 minute per HD. And he can only use this 3 times plus 1 for each four hit dices he possesses per day.

Special Qualities[edit]

He gains the special qualities described below:

A lower lich has Turn Resistance +4, but if he was created by another true lich, it didn’t apply against him. RD5/bludgeoning and magic. Immunity to cold and electricity.

Phylactery - The ritual that create a lower lich destroy the heart of the spellcaster and substitute it by a stone or piece of wood enchanted to store his soul. Than it is placed in his chest. If he get 0 HP, he become unconscious as if were dead, but he begin to regenerate, after 8 hours he wakes recovering 1 HP per hit dice. If it is taken from his chest while he is unconscious he did not regenerate, so he continue to be dead, and begin to rot. Return it to his body after activate the regeneration. If his body is destroyed, by rotting or damage, he can only return doing a wish to reconstruct his body and then placing it in his place, otherwise his soul is forever trapped. The stone has hardness 5, 10 HP, and a break CD of 10. Destroy the gem kills the lower lich.


Increase from the base creature as follows: Int+2, Cha+2. Being undead, a lower lich has no constitution score.


Stealth +8 (perfection bonus). The following are always class skills for him: Climb, Disguise, Fly, Intimidate, Knowledge (arcane),Knowledge (religion), Perception, Sense Motive, Spellcraft, and Stealth.


Same as base creature.


Same as base creature.


Same as base creature.

Challenge Rating[edit]



Same as base creature.


Any one.


Same as base creature.

Level Adjustment[edit]


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