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A Wizard Subclass

We all know that librarians are some of the most fearsome beings in the world, and also some of the strongest forces to reckon with. The librarian subclass takes the wizards to the front lines. They are tankier than your normal wizards', and they are adept in hitting things WITH THIER BOOK

Due to many (or few) years as a librarian, you have gained these skills.

Library acces

Being a librarian comes with a few advantages and priviliges when it comes to studying new spells and books. Starting at 2nd level when you pick this subclass, you have acces to a wide varity of books at libraries that would otherwise be unavaiable to other people. When you level up as a librarian, you learn 3 new spells instead of 2 new spells. Pick any school of magic. Due to your wide acces to books, the time required to copy spells of the chosen school into your spellbook is halved, but the cost remains the same.


Walking the libraries, you are in need of a silent and deadly weapon. Behold, the battle book! Starting at 2nd level when you pick this subclass, your spellbook becomes a weapon you are proficient with. The battlebook deals "1d4 + Intelligence + finesse" blunt damage, and counts as magical for the purpose of overcoming resistances.

The damage dice for your battlebook increases at 9th level to 1d8, and again at 15th level to 1d12.

Tough as books

Being a librarian is no joke. It's hard work. You need to be tough. At 2nd level when you pick this subclass, and whenever you increase your level as a wizard, you can add your intelligence modifier to your new max hp.


The corner stone of what defines a good librarian, is the ability to keep noisy people silent. Starting at 6th level, once per combat, you can cast silence without expending a spellslot.

In addition to this, you can cast silence every 10 minutes out of combat.

Robes of intelligence

Your massive intelligence wraps around you as a form of protective coating. Starting at 6th level, your unarmored armor class is 10 + your intelligence modifier + your dexterity modifier.


Starting at 10th level, if you make a melee attack with your battlebook, you can cast one cantrip on your bonus action.

Library of babel

In a sense, you've become a living library, memorising tons of informations from all of the books that are branded in your memory. Starting at 14th level, you gain proficiency in history and arcana, or expertise if you are already proficient.

Any text you've ever read, you can recite down to the smallest detail.
you can read any written language.

This memorisation let's you cast spells with the utmost perfection. Every long rest you can cast an amount of spells equal to half your intelligence modifier rounded down, that are empowered.

The spell cannot be silenced, and can be cast at will.
The spell always hits it's targets, unless the enemy leaves the current plane of existance.

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