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Levran is the biggest moon of Toril and the only one that's colonized. It all started when a Human wizard wearing a cap of water breathing teleported himself to Levran. He soon had a whole colony with a teleportation circle for easy travel. many merchants travel to Levran in search of it's unique plants and minerals that can not be found on Toril. there are also creatures on Levran, although there are no known intelligent creatures. Adventurers also go there because of creatures called rurguns who will horde everything from pebbles to artifacts.

Environment the overall environment resembles Toril a lot but there is no water instead there are large lakes connected by a series of rivers that are filled with a water like substance called Quaskil. Quaskil has the same consistency and taste as water but is more a metallic silver color and is drinkable but if you drink it you will get stone rash. there isn't much vegetation on Levran but one plant that can be found almost anywhere is Levrian grass which is like tall grass but ranges from deep pink to bright purple in color. the atmosphere on Levran is not breathable except for creatures native to levran. if someone were to go outside of a colony they must have the spell water breathing cast on them or similar magic or they just don't need to breath to survive.


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