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Unlike normal DND, in the ending scrolls setting your players will rely on three different attributes. Stamina, health, and Magicka. These three attributes will be very important to keep track of during combat.


Stamina represents your physical endurance and energy. This would be spent when using some physical abilities, as well as when a character runs, jumps, or does a power attack.


Perk Points[edit]

Perk points are a currency used to purchase perks you have met the prerequisite for or to gain proficiency in an equipment type or saving throw. You can gain perk points in a number of ways such as when you level up which gives you a perk point, the second way of getting a perk point is reaching a milestone in a skill tree (50,75,100). The third and final way of getting a perk point is through exploring and finding powerful artifacts that either grant full perk points or shards of perk points.

Skill Tree Leveling[edit]

You level a skill tree by performing actions that related to it or by getting trained by someone more skilled than you. Whenever a character gains experience, they will gain an equal amount of skill experience which will be equally distributed among combat skills and passive skills of the player's choice. The player can choose as many skills to level as they want but have to choose at least two combat skills and one passive skill. Training means you have to find a teacher who is more skilled than you (0-24 Apprentice, 25-49 Apprentice, 50-74 Adept, 75-99 Expert, 100 Master) and pay them gold as well as spend 1 week per training period getting +10 to the skill they trained in however you can only train 5 times per level.

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