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Sneaky and cunning creatures of the forest

Racial Traits
Average Height: 3'4 - 3'9
Average Weight: 60 - 80 lbs
Ability Scores: +2 Charisma, +2 Constitution or +2 Dexterity
Size: Small
Speed: 6 squares
Vision: Normal
Languages: Common and choice of one other
Skill Bonuses: +2 Diplomacy and +2 Acrobatics
Protect Your Pot of Gold: Shirish people are very conscious when handling money. You gain a +2 to diplomacy or intimidate checks rolls when communicating with salesman or customers. (Ex. Bartering, while selling or buying, a price for an item.) You can also use fade away as an encounter power.
Extremely Lucky: All of the Shirish are very lucky fellows. If you miss on your attack roll for an opportunity attack, roll a d10, if the result is above 5 you succeed on your attack roll. If not, you still miss your attack roll. You can also use second chance as an encounter power.
Shireland Blood: By being Shirish, you can pretty much drink anything within reason and keep it down without any difficulty. You gain a 5 + half of your level resistance to poison if the poison is ingested via a drink. (Ex. A poison is placed into the drink that you just drank, you have the resistance. Not if a dagger is lined with poison.)

Play a Leprechaun if you want...

  • To be based off of Celtic Mythology.
  • To be from a new land that is not known of by many.
  • To be able to handle your alcohol but also love to have a bar fight.
  • To be able to play as almost any class, such as Fighter, Wizard, or Monk.

These creatures hail from a distant island in the middle of the ocean that not many know about. This island is known as Shireland and this is an island of lush, beautiful scenery of greenery. The leprechauns live free here and live independent lives from the other lands far from their shores, many not knowing even if there was something beyond the beaches besides endless water. But do not be fooled, even though they may not know of the other lands or people of the world, these creatures are not fools. But anyway, these creatures' history are of unimportant nature as not much has happened in their race's lifespan though no man, beast, nor leprechaun knows how long they have been around as a leprechaun would be blessed if they reach the age of 50. Though this race has become known for creating stout that would even rival the ale made by the dwarves.

Physical Qualities[edit]

This race is of the shorter stature, standing no taller than a halfing nor gnome. Even dwarves would tower above the size of a leprechaun. But these leprechauns', of the male gender, beards would rival even those of the dwarves magnificent facial hair. The male leprechaun's beards would grow larger, longer, and even more lush than even the most masculine of the dwarven kind. It would seem that all leprechauns' hair is blessed by a deity above, as it would remain a bright orange color throughout their lifespan. All leprechauns have pale-white skin, but their eyes are a variable. Most of the leprechauns known have bright blue eyes that shimmer in sunlight, but the most gifted of the race have bright green eyes that would make the most lively of brush seem dull. Another variable in the race seems to be the size of their feet, as generally, the males seem to have varying large and hairy feet, causing their version of a sizing contest. These little people are also known for drinking heavily, eventually getting drunk even though most are able to handle their ale quite well.

Attitudes and Beliefs[edit]

Leprechauns choose to believe mostly with the deities of nature and arts. Others may choose deities of justice and freedom, but the rapscallions choose to worship the wicked. Although most choose to worship Avandra, as she is the patron deity of luck. Leprechauns are inherently lucky and they know of this fact. They choose to push their luck to the limit as most people would hesitate at situations while leprechauns would walk blindly into action, believing that their luck would help them stay away from danger. Some believe in their luck too much and push it beyond their luck's limit, into the designation that only Avandra could grant the enough to come out of it. Barely. When drinking, most prefer to sing drinking songs, though not well sung. But when the few have one too many, the bars become fighting grounds as everything in sight becomes a weapon. This happens on such an often occasion that it is expected of them and rewards are given to the last one standing, or at least conscious. Though they do like to fight, many forgive their brawling partners and move along with them as if nothing had happened, though this right of forgiveness in a fight is mostly reserved for those of their own kind.

Roleplaying a Leprechaun[edit]

Leprechaun Characteristics: Intelligent, cunning, stealthy, curious, brash, short tempered, lucky

Leprechaun Male Names: Aengus, Bartley, Cillian, Donal, Eamonn, Fergal,...

Leprechaun Female Names: Aednat, Brannagh, Caoilainn, D'Arcy, Eimear, Fionnoula,...

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